Curriculum Committee


The Curriculum Committee is charged to make recommendations to the Executive Committee on issues related to the development, review, and implementation of curriculum both at the college and state level. The committee distributes information through institutes, the website, and listservs, as well as senate publications. Under the direction of the president, the chair and/or members of the Curriculum Committee provide technical assistance to local college curriculum committees, academic senates, and the faculty in general. Note: Resolution 15.03 S94 charged the Senate with appointing a library science member and noted past recommendations to the Senate to appoint a counselor, articulation officer, vocational education and basic skills faculty.

Current Members

  • John Stanskas, Chemistry, San Bernardino Valley College, chair
  • Elizabeth Atondo, Articulation, Los Angeles Pierce College
  • Eric Narveson, History, Evergreen Valley College
  • Marie Boyd, Library, Chaffey College
  • Greg Burchett, Biology, Riverside CCD
  • Deanna Heikkinen, Humanities, Los Angeles Valley College
  • Kathleen Rose, Gavilan College, CIO
  • Aundrea Pinto, (Student),Los Angeles Valley College

Meeting Dates

09.01 The Curriculum Committee: Role, Structure, Duties and Standards of Good Practice Fall 1996 Completed
09.12 Noncredit Courses, Programs, and Awards Fall 1997 Completed
08.01 Curriculum Committee Spring 1994 Completed
09.01 Adoption of "Good Practice for the Implementation of Prerequisites" Document Spring 1997 Completed
09.02 Adoption of "Regional Curriculum Colloquia and Delegated Approval Authority" Document Spring 1997 Completed
09.06 Updating Curriculum Papers Spring 1998 Completed
09.01 Curriculum Chair Sign-Off on CSU GE-Breadth Proposals Spring 1996 Completed
09.02 Development of Catalog Guidelines Spring 1996 Completed
09.05 Prerequisite Models Spring 1996 Completed
18.01 Use of Assessment Instruments in Areas Other than English, ESL, and Math Spring 1996 Completed
08.04 Delegation of Authority Spring 1994 Completed
09.02 Raising English and Mathematics AA/AS Requirements Fall 2003 Completed
09.05 Instruction in California State Politics and Government Fall 2003 Completed
09.06 Instruction in California State Politics and Government Fall 2003 Completed
09.02 Program Prerequisite Title 5 Change Fall 1996 Completed
09.03 Title 5 Changes on Establishment of Curriculum Committees Fall 1996 Completed
09.05 Program Prerequisites Fall 1996 Completed
09.07 Curriculum Depository Fall 1997 Completed
09.09 Models for Content Review Fall 1997 Completed
15.01 Online Course Outline Repository with OSCAR Spring 2003 Completed
09.06 Amend Title 5 Requirement for English (see 9.06R F 02) Spring 2003 Completed
09.07 Substitute Motion for Resolution 9.06 Spring 2003 Completed
11.03 Curriculum Committee Web Page at Every College Spring 1998 Completed
09.07 Curriculum Leadership Institute Spring 1998 Completed
11.05 Addressing Expectation of Student's Technology Skills Fall 2000 Completed
09.02 Academic Credit for Student Governance Participation Fall 2000 Completed
09.03 TOP Code Exploration Fall 2000 Completed
09.05 Prerequisites Fall 2000 Completed
16.01 Information Competency Spring 2000 Completed
09.01 Basic Skills Spring 2000 Completed
09.03 Status of ESL Courses Spring 2000 Completed
09.06 Course Outline Cover Sheet Spring 2000 Completed
09.07 Mathematics -- Global Approach Spring 2000 Completed
09.08 Program and Course Approval and Reporting Handbook Spring 2000 Completed
09.01 Global Education Fall 2001 Completed
09.02 Course Outline of Record Accessibility to Part-time Temporary Faculty Fall 2001 Completed
09.03 Information Competency Requirement in Certificates Fall 2001 Completed
09.05 Title 5 Associate Degree Requirements Fall 2001 Completed
09.06 Program and Course Approval Handbook Fall 2001 Completed
09.01 Information Competency Graduation Requirement Spring 2001 Completed
09.02 Lab/Lectures Spring 2001 Completed
09.03 Courses Taught in Language Other than English Spring 2001 Completed
20.04 Student Leadership Action Plan Fall 2002 Completed
09.04 Degree Requirements: Math Requirements Fall 2002 Completed
09.05 Title 5 Mathematics Requirement for AA/AS Degrees Fall 2002 Completed
09.06 Raising Requirement for English Composition Necessary for AA/AS Degrees Fall 2002 Completed
09.01 Degree Requirements Spring 2002 Completed
09.04 Not-for-Credit Course Offerings Spring 2002 Completed
09.04 Local Faculty Approval Process for Courses Offered in Reduced Timeframes Fall 2004 Completed
09.04 Curriculum Committee Oversight of Modality Changes Spring 2005 Completed
09.01 Explore the Use of Majors Fall 2005 Completed
09.03 Clarifications on Math and English Recommendations Fall 2005 Completed
09.01 Alternative Mathematics and English Courses Spring 2006 Completed
09.05 Examine Processes for Establishing Prerequisites Spring 2006 Completed
09.06 Support for Participation in SACC Spring 2006 Completed
09.09 Academic Integrity in Short-Term Courses Spring 2006 Completed
09.09.01 Amend Resolution 9.09 Spring 2006 Completed
09.10 Clarify Title 5 on Degree-applicability of Courses Spring 2006 Completed
04.04 Transfer Curriculum Preparation Fall 2006 Completed
09.01 Academic Integrity in Courses Offered in Shortened Time Frames Fall 2006 Completed
09.02 Eliminate the word "Transfer" in Degree Titles Fall 2006 Completed
09.03 Reaffirm the Need for Information Competency Fall 2006 Completed
09.05 Stand-alone Course Approval Implementation Fall 2006 Completed
09.10 Student Record Currency Fall 2006 Completed
11.02 High Instructional Standards in all Instructional Modalities Fall 2006 Completed
14.01 Minimum Grade Requirement for Associate Degree Courses Fall 2006 Completed
18.03 Honoring the Assessment Scores of Other Community Colleges Fall 2006 Completed
09.07 Credit-Noncredit Dialogue Fall 2007 Completed
09.02 Common Title for Career-oriented Low-Unit Certificates Spring 2008 Completed
09.05 Examine Title 5 Ethnic Studies Requirement Spring 2008 Completed
09.04 Incorporating Civic Engagement in Curriculum Fall 2009 Completed
09.05 Ensuring Rigorous Content Review to Establish Prerequisites Fall 2009 Completed
13.04 Class Caps Based on Pedagogical Factors Fall 2009 Completed
09.01 Developing a Reference Document for Curriculum Fall 2010 Assigned
09.07 Expediting the Flexibility in Approval of SB 1440 Degrees Fall 2010 Completed
09.08 Credit by Exam Processes Fall 2010 Completed
09.10 Double-Counting GE and Major Courses in New Transfer Degrees Fall 2010 Completed
09.05 Local Senate Oversight of All College Offerings Spring 2011 Assigned
15.01 Reciprocity for TMC Courses in Associate Degrees for Transfer Spring 2011 Assigned
18.04 Academic Credit for Veterans and Military Service Members Spring 2011 Assigned
09.03 Faculty Responsibilities for CB and SP Codes Fall 2010 Completed
06.01 General Fund Dollar Support for Community Service Courses Fall 2011 Not Addressed
09.01 Encourage Local Flexibility and Innovation in Revision of Basic Skills Delivery Fall 2011 Assigned
09.02 Defining Credit and Noncredit Basic Skills and Basic Skills Apportionment Fall 2011 Assigned
13.04 Course Development and Enrollment Management Fall 2011 Assigned
09.02 Local Implementation of C-ID Spring 2012 Assigned
09.03 Implementing Prerequisites for Enhancing Student Success Spring 2012 Assigned
09.05 Submit Courses to C-ID Spring 2012 Completed
09.06 Transfer Model Curriculum Aligned Associate Degrees for Transfer Spring 2012 Assigned
11.01 Creation of Distance Education Effective Practices Resource Spring 2012 Assigned
09.04 Ensuring Availability of Major Preparation Fall 2012 Assigned
09.01 Investigate Regional Coordination of Course Offerings Spring 2013 Assigned
Senate's First Annual Curriculum Institute Shue, Beverly, Chair October 1999
Herding Cats: Local Senates & the Brown Act Mahon, Richard, Chair, Curriculum Committee, Wheeler North, Chair, Standards & Practices November 2009
There and Back Again: Moving Toward Content-Review Based Prerequisites Mahon, Richard, Chair, Curriculum Committee November 2009
Ethnic Studies Requirement: Understanding It and Fulfilling It. Morse, David, Executive Committee, Curriculum Committee, Pamela Watkins, Curriculum Committee January 2010
Maintaining the Academic Integrity of Short Term Courses Becker, Zerryl, College of the Desert, Curriculum Committee Member April 2010
Coursework Recency Mahon, Richard, Chair, Curriculum Committee, with help from Stephanie Dumont, Chair, Counseling and Library Faculty Issues April 2010
Putting Students First: The Solution to the Challenge of Program Discontinuance Mahon, Richard, Chair, Curriculum Committee, and North, Wheeler, Chair, Standards and Practices Committee April 2010
Beyond the Classroom: Fostering Civic Engagement in our Students Morse, David, Curriculum Committee, Gervin, Dennis, CIO Liaison, Curriculum Committee September 2010
Sustaining Sustainability: A Role for Curriculum Smith, Beth, Grossmont College, Curriculum Committee Chair March 2011
CB and SP Codes: What You Need to Know and Why Schiel, Melynie, Copper Mountain College, Curriculum Committee, Rutan, Craig, Santiago Canyon College, Curriculum Committee February 2012
Implementing Prerequisites: A Response to SSTF Recommendation 3.4 Morse, David, Curriculum Committee Chair with assistance from the Curriculum Committee Members April 2012
Call Me Maybe? : When to Contact the Chancellor’s Office and How to Find Information on Your Own Bruno, Julie, Curriculum Committee Chair and Morse, David, Co-Chair, System Advisory Committee on Curriculum June 2013