Governance and Internal Policy Committee


  1. Develop recommendations to the Executive Committee for the Board of Governors and the CCC Chancellor’s Office regarding changes to policy or the development of new policies as they apply within the California Community College System.
  2. Research or compile and publish as needed information and recommendations on governance and policy issues at local colleges and districts.
  3. Coordinate communication with and as appropriate disseminate information to local senates on matters of governance, local policy, and California Community College system policy.
  4. Develop and disseminate information and tools to local colleges and districts for use in responding to governance and policy issues regarding both local and systemwide matters.

Formerly Educational Policies Committee

Current Members

  • Kale Braden, Cosumnes River College
  • Kim Harrell, Folsom Lake College
  • Carolyn Holcroft, Foothill College
  • David Morse, Long Beach City College (Chair)
  • Cynthia Reiss, West Valley College
  • Sherrie Guerrero, CIO Liaison, Chaffey College
  • Donovan Hamsher, SSCCC Liaison

Meeting Dates

  • August 28 (Sacramento--ASCCC Office)
  • September 20 (CCC Confer)
  • October 11 (CCC Confer)
  • November 1 (CCC Confer)
  • December 6 (CCC Confer)
  • January 24 (CCC Confer)
Sound Principles For Faculty Evaluation Spring 2013 Professional Standards
13.06 Develop a Faculty Definition of Student Success Fall 2010 Completed
01.02 Timely Process for Responding to Urgent Issues Fall 2011 Completed
13.07 Hiring of Academic Administrators Spring 2012 Completed
17.01 Approval of Grant Driven Projects Fall 2012 Assigned
Beyond the Classroom: Fostering Local and Statewide Engagement in Our Faculty Harrell, Kim, Folsom Lake College & Napoli-Abella Reiss, Cynthia, West Valley College, Governance and Internal Policy Committee June 2013