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Practical Leadership: Connecting Local Senates with Plenaries and Institutes Smith, Phil, ASCCC Executive Committee, North Representative & Pawlak, Tim, San Diego Continuing Education March 2014
Academic Senate Foundation: Fall Session Fundraising Update Bruno, Julie, President, Academic Senate Foundation March 2014
AB 806 and the 50% Law: Could We Do Better? Morse, David, ASCCC Vice-President March 2014
AB 86: A Brief History and Current State of Affairs from the Noncredit Task Force Gaer, Susan, & Hicks, Raymond, & Janio, Jarek, & Lynch-Thompson, Candace, & May, Virginia, & Stanskas, John March 2014
In Memoriam of Phillip Maynard ASCCC March 2014
The Future ASCCC Mission Smith, Beth, President March 2014
Where has the Vocational Faculty Leadership Institute Gone? Adams, Julie, Executive Director & North, Wheeler, Faculty Coordinator Statewide Career Pathways March 2014
MOOC Magic Storm, Lisa M., Hartnell College, foreword by John Freitas, ASCCC Distance Education Task Force March 2014
Integrating Adjunct Faculty into the College Community Davison, Dolores, Area B Representative November 2013
Advocacy at the Local Level: What Your Senate Can Do to Stay Informed and Active Morse, David, Vice-President, Wheeler North, Treasurer, and Crump, Dan, At Large Representative November 2013
The Insidious “D” Copenhagen, Rich, President, Student Senate for California Community Colleges November 2013
Designing Change for Student Success Smith, Beth, President November 2013
Vendors’ Resources at Senate Events Adams, Julie, Executive Director November 2013
Let Bylaws Be Bylaws: A Cautionary Tale About Senate Succession Freitas, John, Los Angeles City College, South Representative November 2013
In Memoriam: Beverly Shue (1938-2013) ASCCC November 2013
Collegial Consultation: The Art of Influencing and Being Influenced North, Wheeler, Treasurer, Faculty Coordinator, Statewide Career Pathways November 2013
Academic Senate Resolutions on Accreditation 1986 to the Present Smith, Phil, Executive Comm, Accreditation Comm Chair, Fred Hochstaedter, Monterey Peninsula College, Accreditation Comm November 2013
The Student Success Task Force Recommendations—What’s Next? Pilati, Michelle, Immediate Past President November 2013
Showing Gratitude – Recognizing Good Work Adams, Julie, Executive Director September 2013
Accreditation and the Academic Senate: An Ongoing Relationship Davison, Dolores, Accreditation Committee Chair, 2012-13 and Smith, Phil, Accreditation Committee Chair, 2013-14 September 2013
In the Beginning: The Role of Community College Faculty Smith, Beth, ASCCC President September 2013
Democracy Commitment: ASCCC And FACCC Promote Student Engagement Morse, David, ASCCC Vice-President and Mahon, Richard, FACCC Governor at Large September 2013
Julie's Inbox Adams, Julie, Executive Director September 2013
Alternatives to Traditional Intermediate Algebra Opinion by Walton, Ian June 2013
Embracing and Implementing New K-12 Standards in English, Mathematics and Science Smith, Beth, ASCCC Vice President & Holcroft, Carolyn, Foothill College June 2013