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Latest Rostrum Articles

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"Fall Session Elections"

January 1998

Silva, Nancy, Chair
"Fixing" the California Community College System

March 2009

Pilati, Michelle, Futures Committee Member
"Ignore Us At Your Peril!": The San Francisco Accreditation Hearing

February 2002

Hoke Simpson, President and Julie Adams, Executive Director
"Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters" (With gratitude to Simon and Garfunkel for their inspiration)

May 2008

Sibley-Smith, Andrea, and the Ad Hoc Noncredit Committee
"On the Other Hand. There Is No Other Hand"

September 2009

North, Wheeler, Chair, Standards and Practices Committee 09-10, Smith, Beth, Former Chair, S & P Committee 08-09
"Retooling" the Curriculum for CalWORKS

January 1998

Butler, Jackie, Welfare Reform Ad Hoc Committee
"Shouldn't Prerequisites be an Academic and Professional Matter?"

May 2006

Welch, Lynn
"Where are We, and What are We Doing Here?"

February 2002

Hoke Simpson, President
"Whereas." The Myth

September 2004

Mark Snowhite, Chair
10 + 1 Myths?: The Misrepresentations and Uninformed Perspective of Robert Shireman and California Competes

April 2013

Morse, David, Secretary and Pilati, Michelle, President
1998 Exemplary Award Winners

October 1998

1998 Summer Faculty Leadership Institute

September 1997

  • Lin Marelick
    Institute Coordinator
2005 Task Force Report

January 1998

Glow, Diane
2009: A Year of Curricular Changes for California Community Colleges

March 2009

Fulks, Janet, Chair, Curriculum Committee
29th Fall Plenary Session, Another Success

January 1998

Butler, Winston
30 Years of Evolution for Associate Degree

February 2012

Smith, Beth, Vice President
60 Percent? 80 Percent?Your Academic Senate and Healthy Dissent

May 2006

Holton, Gary, Representative at Large
75/25-the Faculty Obligation Number or Why are We Not All There Yet?

March 2004

Ian Walton, Vice President
A Challengingly Good Year: An update from the System Advisory Committee on Curriculum

September 2014

  • Julie Bruno
    Vice President, Past Co-Chair of SACC
  • Michelle Grimes-Hillman
    Co-Chair of SACC
A Conversation on Distance Education (DE) Workload and Quality Instruction

February 2007

Pat James-Hanz, Mt. San Jacinto College and Wheeler North, Technology Committee Chair
A Degree with a Guarantee?

November 2011

Atondo, Elizabeth, Los Angeles Pierce College, Articulation Officer and Curriculum Chair; Content developed in consultation with
A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Session

March 2004

Yula Flournoy
A is for Accreditation: The New Scarlet Letter

May 2009

Wade Lieu, Mark, President
A Look on the “Bright Side” of Flex Activities

January 2010

  • Jon Drinnon
    Faculty Development Committee Chair
  • Jeffrey Lamb
    Faculty Development Committee Member
  • Kathy Sorensen
    Faculty Development Committee Member
A Loss of History

December 2003

Leon Marzillier, Chair