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A Modest Proposal: Simplifying Articulation, Respecting Local Autonomy, and Responding to "Common Course

September 2009

Pilati, Michelle, Faculty Coordinator, C-ID
A New Assessment for All Community College Students

October 2014

  • Craig Rutan
    South Representative, Common Assessment Initiative Steering Committee Vice Chair
A Principled Perspective: Something to Act Upon Or, Making a List and Checking it Twice

December 2003

Kate Clark, President
A Report From the Affirmative Action and Cultural Diversity Committee

February 2002

Dibakar Barua, Chair
A Report from the Affirmative Action/Cultural Diversity Committee

October 2001

Barua, Dibakar, Chair
A Review of Reports that You Know You Should Read

December 2007

Lieu, Mark Wade
A Snapshot of Noncredit in the California Community Colleges

May 2006

Lieu, Mark Wade
A Student’s Perspective

November 2011

Dumont, Stephanie, Area D Representative
A System Advisory Committee on Curriculum (SACC)

September 2006

Patton, Jane
A Tale of Interpretations: Transfer Velocity

April 2010

Mahon, Richard, Executive Committee
A Tale of Two Accrediting Commissions

February 2007

Gilbert, Greg, Accreditation Ad Hoc Chair
A Tale of Two Data Elements

May 2009

Mark Wade Lieu, President, and Janet Fulks, Curriculum Chair
A Tribute to a Friend of the Senate

September 2014

A Voc/Occ/CTE Perspective at Session

December 2008

Crump, Dan, Chair, Occupational Education Committee
AA/AS Degree Requirements

March 2004

Jane Patton, Chair
AB 420: A Shaky Beginning, or a Dismal Conclusion?

October 1999

Collins, Linda, President
AB 806 and the 50% Law: Could We Do Better?

March 2014

  • David Morse
    ASCCC Vice-President
AB 86: A Brief History and Current State of Affairs from the Noncredit Task Force

March 2014

  • Susan Gaer
  • Raymond Hicks
  • Candace Lynch-Thompson
  • Virginia "Ginni" May
  • John Stanskas
  • Jarek Janio
About education . . .

April 2001

Collins, Linda, President
Academic Dishonesty and the Faculty’s Right to Assign a Grade: A Test of the Academic Senate’s Authority

January 2010

Lieu, Mark Wade, Educational Policies Committee
Academic Excellence: Why California's Community Colleges Need the 75/25 Full-Time Faculty Standard

September 2008

Walton, Ian, ASCC Past President
Academic Freedom in a Digital Age

February 1999

Waltonan, Ian, Chair
Academic Integrity

September 2007

Smith, Beth, Executive Committee member
Academic Programs without Homes

May 2009

North, Wheeler, Executive Committee Member
Academic Senate Annual Report

May 2007

Lieu, Mark Wade, Vice-President