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Latest Rostrum Articles

Title Author Date
Academic Freedom in a Digital Age Waltonan, Ian, Chair February 1999
Intellectual Property: Your Right to Compensation Simpson, Hoke February 1999
Nuts and Bolts II Seefer, Carolyn M. February 1999
Part-time Paper Adopted Amid Controversy Simpson, Hoke February 1999
Curriculum and Technology Breakout Shue, Beverly, Chair February 1999
Basic Skills Survey Results Snowhite, Mark, Chair February 1999
Technology at the Fall Session Walton, Ian, Chair February 1999
Paper on the Future of the Community College Adopted Simpson, Hoke February 1999
The Impact of the Overuse of Part-Time Faculty Scroggins, Bill, President February 1999
Partnership: Problems and Paradoxes Collins, Linda, Secretary April 1999
Can Computers Replace Teachers? Simpson, Hoke, Chair April 1999
President's Message: Faculty Unity is Within Reach Scroggins, Bill, President April 1999
Excellence in Education ASCCC April 1999
International and Global Education Scroggins, Bill, President April 1999
What Makes Technology Mediated Instruction (TMI) Succeed? Breuer, Robert, Las Positas College April 1999
Accreditation Evaluation Teams-The Comprehensive Visit Published in January 1999 edition of Accreditation Notes April 1999
Institutes "R" Us Scroggins, Bill, President April 1999
Landslides and Squeakers: Spring Elections Produce New Executive Committee Adams, Julie, Executive Director, and Hoke Simpson, Publication Chair June 1999
President's Message: Leadership in an Educational Environment Scroggins, Bill, President June 1999
Affirmative Action Committee Breakout Chen, Lina, Chair June 1999
The Treasures of Sacramento Smith, Dennis, Treasurer June 1999
Learning Communities for Basic Skills Success Snowhite, Mark, Chair June 1999
Technology Everywhere Walton, Ian, Chair June 1999
Curriculum Committee Breakouts Shue, Beverly, Chair June 1999
State Committees ASCCC June 1999