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2016 Spring Discipline Input Group (DIG) Meeting - South

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WHAT: Convening faculty to consider the development of C-ID descriptors and model curriculum (MC) for certificates in Career Technical Education disciplines 

WHY: This is the fourth phase in an effort to develop C-ID course descriptors to support local AS degrees and certificates, specific to CTE disciplines.  These efforts are not focused on the development of Transfer Model Curricula; rather, the focus is on local "terminal" degrees and certificates that can benefit from statewide curriculum discussions. 

2013 Spring Plenary Session


I’m particularly excited by our theme this time–“Rising to the Challenge: Responding to Disruptive Forces.” We wanted a positive tone to our theme but we also wanted to reflect the fact that, as so often is the case, we are dealing with multiple pressures and often pressures that effectively conflict. We’ve been feeling some of the identified “pressures” for quite some time and others are relatively new. The five “disruptive forces”, as identified by Jeff Selingo, Editor at Large at the Chronicle of Higher Education are:

2006 Fall Plenary Session


Welcome to a new academic year especially to those of you who joined us as new senate presidents at the summer leadership institute in June. We hope that you are enjoying a successful start to your term and that you will rejoin your ever growing support network at our 2006 Fall Plenary Session. Mark your calendars to be in Orange County on October 26 thru 28 at the Fairmont Newport Beach.

2012 SLO Pre-Session

Lately, there is an intensified focus on assessment of student learning outcomes at the course, program, and institutional level. A critical part of the conversation is “closing the loop”. It is imperative that faculty are well-versed in the assessment process, clear on what is stipulated by accreditation, prepared to close the assessment loop on all levels, and work collaboratively with others on their campuses. Faculty have the primary role defining appropriate assessment, interpreting results, and using results to guide teaching.


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