2016 Spring Plenary Session

Event Type
Title Breakout Time
Statewide Curriculum Update: The PCAH, Curriculum Inventory, and Other Hot Topics
Basic Skills and Dual Enrollment
Understanding the Research: Student Learning Outcomes and the Accreditation Standards
The Common Assessment is Nearly Here: Is Your College Ready?
Legislation and Advocacy
Information is Power—A Guide for First Time Attendees and First Time Delegates
Strong Workforce Taskforce: Implementing the Recommendations
Developing Healthy and Productive Relations: Faculty and Administrative Leaders
Equity in 2016: Changing the Institutional Culture
Strong Workforce Task Force Recommendations: Implementation Conversation
The Continuing Evolution of Course Identification (C-ID) System
Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative: Indicators 2.0 and Beyond
Curriculum—C-ID System
Regional Coordination
Disenfranchised Students—Who are They, How Are We Helping Them, and What More Can We Do?
The Online Education Initiative: Believe in Access, Redesign the Systems, and Shift the Culture
Institutional Effectiveness Planning Initiative (IEPI): Integrated Planning—Resources Available Soon!
State of the Senate
General Education—Quantitative Reasoning and the CSU Task Force
How Can We Get the Faculty We Need? Faculty Hiring, Recruitment, and Diversity


2014 Fall Plenary Session

Event Type
Title Breakout Time
Panel Discussion: The Technology Initiatives and Their Impact on Our Colleges
It's the Students, Silly: Professional Development and Student Success
Equity and Accreditation - Using SSSP, Equity Plans, and Enrollment Management Plans in the Accreditation Process
I'm Just a Bill: The Legislative Agenda for 2015
Welcome to a Brave New World
Supporting Your Students: Mental Health Services
The Online Education Initiative - Get the Latest!
Alternative Pathways: School to College to Career
What's Next? An Update on C-ID, TMCs, and Messaging to Students
Cultural Competency in Our Local Senates, On Campus, and the ASCCC
Academic Senate Representation and Area Structure: "You Want Me to Drive Where?"
A Single Assessment for All
Adult Basic Education Course Development and New CDCP Funding: Hopes, Dreams, and Concerns
State of the Senate
You Say You Want a Resolution?
Exploring New Possibilities for Student Success Through Noncredit
Program Review: A Statewide Conversation about Decision Making and Institutional Effectiveness
Education Planning Initiative
Were to Go, What to Be: The Academic Senate Five Year Strategic Plan
Relations with Local Senates: What have You done for me Lately?
Hiring Diverse Faculty
Update on Bylaws Revision
Who Are You? Using Regular and Effective Contact to Ensure Academic Integrity and Student Success in Online Courses
Come Get Your Curriculum Hot Topics Before They Are Gone
Sacred Cows or Obstacles to Progress: Reconsidering Statutory and Regulatory Restrictions on Budget Allocation--Can We Do Better?
New Standards in Accreditation
Student Success Initiative Implementation: Goals for the CCC System
Gender Equity on Campus
Thriving Through Sanctions aka "Thank You, Sir, May I Have Another?"
The Who, What, Where, and When of Equivalency
Chancellor's Office Discussion: Brown Act Compliance
Chancellor's Office Discussion: Brown Act Compliance

The ASCCC Fall 2014 Plenary Session will be held at the Marriott Hotel in Irvine from November 13-15, 2014. Registration for the event is now open.

Rising Scholars and Mellon Grant Regional Meetings

Event Type

Events are free and will be held 10:00AM-4:00PMThe events will be livestreamed for virtual attendance. Lunch will be provided. Virtual attendees will be given information on how to join the event online the week leading to the event. 

September 16 – Southern Regional at College of the Canyons, Dr. Van Hook University Center (Room 258) 

2023 Curriculum Institute - Hybrid Event


Curriculum Institute 2023 is currently planned as an in-person and virtual (hybrid) event. Pre-session workshops on July 12 will provide training and resources for those new and newer to curriculum.

This event provides opportunities for in-depth conversations, collective voice, leadership and empowerment. Participants will work together to discuss collaborative strategies for implementing current legislation, innovations in curriculum, equitable educational opportunities, pathways for student success, and more

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