Budget and Finance

Partnership for Excellence

Whereas the 2000-2001 budget language calls for increased accountability for Partnership for Excellence plans, including more rigorous goals and stronger accountability requirements, and

Whereas the Board of Governors is considering the adoption of conditions to require collegial consultation in the development of Partnership for Excellence plans and to require governing board reviews of local expenditure reports and progress toward goal attainment,

College Partnership for Excellence

Whereas colleges are accountable for achieving five goals in PFE: transfer, degrees and certificates, basic skills, course completion and vocational education, and

Whereas faculty have a primary responsibility for ensuring student success in these five goals,

Funding Formula

Whereas all students enrolled in California community colleges deserve local access to adequately funded programs, regardless of their geographic location, and

Whereas all students enrolled in California community colleges deserve local access to adequately funded, rigorous academic programs, regardless of their socio-economic background, and

Whereas the existing funding formula for California community colleges is highly inequitable, leading to disparity in educational opportunities in the lowest funded districts, and

Partnership for Excellence (PFE) Mandated Academic Senate Sign-off

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has supported resolutions requesting local senates to demand sign-offs on the expenditures of PFE funds, and

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges and local senates support expenditure of funds for the five stated goals of PFE funding: transfer, degrees and certificates, basic skills completion and advancement, retention and workforce development, and

Student Equity and Partnership for Excellence

Whereas there will always be populations which, for reasons of a social, cultural, linguistic, economic, or educational nature, will be academically disadvantaged in a community college setting, and

Whereas the goals of Partnership for Excellence do not incorporate considerations of student equity, and

Partnership Sign-off

Resolved that the Academic Senate establish a process whereby local senate presidents sign off on all Partnership for Excellence documents going to the Chancellor's Office, verifying that all policies and procedures relating to academic and professional matters were developed following collegial consultation with the academic senate.

Accountability for Use of Partnership for Excellence Funds

Whereas the Partnership for Excellence is non-categorical funding with which local districts have "flexibility" but the clearly-stated legislative intent is that funds are provided for "program enhancement that will improve student success and make progress toward the system goals," and

Whereas the Partnership for Excellence is supposed to be an accountability approach to educational funding, but the Chancellor's Office reporting mechanism is designed for marketing the program to the Legislature, rather than for audit or accountability purposes, and

District Specific Pay-outs and Student Equity

Whereas the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges has opposed the distribution of apportionment dollars (5.02 F97 and 5.05 F98 according to student achievement because such distribution could result in a net flow of dollars to colleges with socioeconomically advantaged service areas and away from colleges serving more disadvantaged communities, and

Partnership for Excellence Level of Funding and Accountability

Whereas the Partnership for Excellence was envisioned as a substantial infusion of state funds in exchange for progress on increased student achievement on selected measures, and the legislation specified that the Partnership was to be "an investment to supplement funding for enrollment growth and cost-of-living adjustments," and

Student Success

Whereas indicators of student success for determining future funding of Partnership for Excellence must be fair and accurate, and

Whereas faculty have the most expertise in assessing fair and accurate measures of student success in those courses, and

Whereas student success is clearly an academic and professional matter, and

Whereas systemwide goals for Partnership for Excellence that relate to student performance were not developed in consultation with primary reliance on faculty,


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