AB 1725 Funding

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend to local senates that they be actively involved in all decisions concerning the spending of all AB 1725 funds allocated to the college.

Profile of a Strong Senate

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges adopt the document Profile of a Strong Senate.

Student Transfer Guarantee

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge local senates and administrators to campaign in support of the principles of individual student transfer guarantees found currently in SB507 (Hart).

Fund for Instructional Improvement

Whereas in 1977 the California Legislature created the Community College Fund for Instructional Improvement, and

Whereas the purpose of the Fund was, and is, to support the improvement of learning in community colleges through a program of grants and loans, and

Whereas since its inception the Fund has been the only State-level source of support for curricular and pedagogical innovation and professional development for community college faculty, and

EERA Study

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges discuss with faculty unions the now required study of the EERA.

Health Fees

Whereas many community colleges are committed to providing student health services, and

Whereas community colleges were required by law to provide student health services for several years without having the ability to collect student fees for these services, and

Whereas many colleges provided those health services, as required by law (even though a health fee could not be charged) by redistribution of operational funds within college budgets, and


Whereas the private foundations incorporated under the business and professions code are not under the provisions of the Brown Act, and

Whereas many of these foundations offer classes over which local academic senates have no influence, and

Whereas these private foundations may conflict with the basic premise of State supported education, and

Whereas the basic equity issues of the Serrano decision which applied to K-12 also hold true in spirit for adult students in the community colleges,

Institute for Instructional Improvement and Innovation

Whereas the Institute for Instructional Improvement and Innovation has demonstrated its effectiveness and support in providing faculty development services, and

Whereas the Flex Calendar Evaluation Project has identified several goals that must be accomplished to strengthen the flex program, and

Whereas the shortcomings of the UCLA/Moorpark Draft Report have demonstrated the need for a follow-up which is conducted by a community college entity like 4I's, which is more familiar with our professional development needs, and

Raise Funding Floor for Staff Development

Whereas AB 1725 includes landmark legislation to provide California Community Colleges with new direction and support for staff development, and

Whereas the initial $5,000,000 allocation for 1988-89 allotted money at slightly over $7.00 per funded ADA, and

Whereas the geographically isolated colleges are usually the smallest in ADA resulting in the minimum allocation of $5,000, and

Internship for More Community College Teachers

Whereas the community colleges must broaden their pool of teachers from underrepresented groups, and

Whereas a community college internship program for high school teachers and graduate students could help increase the pool of qualified community college teachers,


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