Academic Senate Website

Executive Director

Have you checked out the new Senate website? On September 1, 2010, the Senate launched its new website. The Senate site now has a number of new features to enhance the work of the Senate as well as provide local senates and the California college community with important and current information. Some of the new features are:

  • A robust search engine that will you to now search across the site including publications, Rostrums, resolutions, committees, and more. This search engine will also allow you to specify what type of content you want to search from resolutions to publications to events and so on.
  • A new calendar that allows you to sort events by various categories and import them into your iCal. It also allows organizations and individuals to add events that are relevant to faculty statewide.
  • New pages specifically designated for Area meetings. You now can go to one place to find the Area meeting agendas, information pertinent to areas, as well as area resolutions and minutes.
  • A new way to search the Rostrum. In the past, you needed to know the month an article was published to local articles. Now, you can search Rostrums by title, date, and author. We also hope to add a function so you will be able to search by topic. For now, you can search by topic via the main search function.
  • Public access to the California community college directory. Finally, we have the Senate directory online. In the near future, local senate presidents or staff will be able to update information online. This will make the information dynamic and up to date immediately.

We are very excited to bring the new website to you this year. Many thanks to Rita Sabler, our Creative Director, for all her work in developing this new site. As you check out the new site, please give us your feedback. On the bottom of the front page of the site, there is a link where you can provide us with your suggestions. Your feedback is very important so please tell us know what you think!