First Conference


Leadership: Hindsight or Vision-a bold title for this year's vocational education leadership Institute, and a title that set the tone for a truly inspirational and informative conference.

As a first time participant I was in awe. From the opening and welcome given by the President of the academic senate, Ian Walton, to the closing session by Patrick Perry, Vice Chancellor for technology, CCCCO the Institute covered a lot of ground and was entirely motivating.

Vice President mark Wade lieu and treasurer Jane Patton brought into focus the mechanisms of our state academic senate, and how we at vocational Institute can be involved both at our campus and on a state level.

As a teacher in your shop, lab or classroom have you ever wondered how funding works? If so, you should have attended the session "budgets-smoke and mirrors," presented by susan coleman and lyla eddington. We learned the ins and outs of claiming the funding that should come into our programs, as well as how and who to ask.

With distance education classes becoming more and more popular you could not have attended a better workshop than the one presented by Patricia James-Hanz. What a dynamic presenter, with a wealth of expertise in this innovative method of instruction.

As a presenter in the breakout session, the ubiquitous department chair, I saw first hand the leadership roles that my fellow vocational education instructors are providing to their colleges while also being able to share the same experiences with my colleagues in attendance.

I was honored to be a member of the occupational education committee of the academic senate and participating in this great session.