President, ASCCC
Executive Director, ASCCC

The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges is honored to present this special Rostrum issue, “Answering the Call to Action: Racial Equity, Reckoning, and Academic Accountability Since the Murder of George Floyd,” which is a follow up to the Rostrum published in July 2020. In the two years since that publication, the ASCCC has continued its work regarding inclusion, diversity, equity, antiracism, and accessibility, including the adoption of IDEAA as the framework in which all of the work of the ASCCC is embedded. The ASCCC remains committed to supporting all faculty and to representing them at the state level through our work with the Board of Governors, the legislature, the governor’s office, and others.

We send a special thank you to Equity and Diversity Action Committee members Michelle Bean, Nadia Khan, Robert L. Stewart Jr., Juan Arzola, Leslie Shull, Mohamed Sharif-Idiris, Hermelinda Rocha, and Roberto Rubalcaba, who proposed the idea for this Rostrum. However, the work is not finished. The California Community Colleges system, and society at large, is on the brink of necessary, transformational change. All faculty, and indeed all people both within and outside of educational systems, must work collectively to continue to push to make meaningful changes happen.

Again, we are honored to bring you this special edition and hope that it will inspire you to help the ASCCC continue this work.

In solidarity,

Dolores Davison, President, ASCCC
Krystinne Mica, Executive Director, ASCCC