The Fork in the Road


Professional development for faculty met its "fork in the road" in 2002 when funding was cut from the state budget. For some colleges faculty development has been at the fork in the road waiting for the light to change or directions and nothing has been given to them. Well, it's time to move on and find a new way. This does NOT mean we give up on funding, but rather focus on what we can do now to maintain our professionalism and integrity despite no funding. Many colleges still have great professional development activities and have found resources to help them meet their local professional development needs. So what are some of these great ideas and ways? Well, the ASCCC Professional Development Committee is looking to you for those great ideas and resources. We would like to offer a breakout at the upcoming spring session that showcases innovative ideas and resources that are currently being used on our campuses along with ideas for implementation. However, we need your help. Please have your local staff development person contact me at Vogelsh [at] with ideas that have worked on your campus and resources you have used.

This session (as do many of ours) will provide you with opportunities to hear about faculty development on other campuses across the state. Our lively discussions on such hot issues as the 60% law changes, implementation of the math/English Title 5 changes, the concerns of colleges that are having difficulties meeting their base for funding, and current legislation will allow you to hear the many sides to each issue and broaden your perspective. The time to start the discussion on these issues at your campus and in your senate is NOW! Make sure these discussions are part of your staff development opportunities. Offer forums and invite students to be on your panels when you discuss these issues. Try to make these forums at times when you can ensure that vocational faculty and part-time faculty can also participate. Some of these issues are not easily solved and have no one right answer. They are true ethical dilemmas for each of our campuses. So you will find yourself at session and feeling like you are at a fork in the road and no one way looks inviting to travel down but everyone is honking their horns behind you and you must go-so which way? Start discussion on your campus now and have help with your roadmap. Happy travels to you till we meet at session.