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Part Time Faculty Scholarship Nomination Form

The Academic Senate Foundation is proud to sponsor one part-time faculty to attend an Academic Senate event. Faculty from any discipline, both credit and noncredit, are eligible to be included in the lottery. The scholarship awarded to the selected part-time faculty member will cover the cost of registration and hotel for two nights. Each academic senate may nominate one part-time faculty for consideration for the scholarship award.

PT Scholarship Nomination Form for 2017-2018

A local senate may nominate one part-time faculty member. Submission of the nomination by the senate president serves as verification that the faculty member meets the following criteria:

  • Part-time faculty member has participated in campus professional activities (may include governance, departmental activities, etc.)
  • Part-time faculty member has demonstrated interest in student success and achievement of basic skills.
  • Part-time faculty member has taught or worked for a minimum of 3 semesters (or 4 quarters) at the college.

Nominations are due one month prior to the event the specific scholarship is being requested for. Selected part-time faculty will be notified one month prior to the event.

  • 2017 Fall Session nominations due by October 13, 2017 (CLOSED)
  • 2018 Spring Session nominations due by March 16, 2018 

For more information contact ASCCC Staff at 916-445-4753 or foundation [at]