Honoring Excellence

Executive Director

March and April each year is the time when the Academic Senate honors excellence in teaching and in diversity. In March, four faculty members are selected for the Hayward Award. Established in 1989, the Hayward Award, named in honor of the former Community College Chancellor Gerald Hayward, recognizes college faculty who demonstrate the highest level of commitment to their students, college and profession. Nominated by their peers and selected by representatives of the Senate, these faculty must demonstrate excellence to teaching and have a record of active participation on their campus. Four winners, one for each Senate area, are honored before the Board of Governors and receive a plaque and $1,250 cash award. This year the Hayward Award Winners are: Area A, Rosalie Cuneo Amer, Professor of Library Sciences, Cosumnes River College; Area B, Gerald J. Perez, Napa Valley College, EOPS Coordinator; Area C, Kathleen Bimber, Professor of Child Development; Area D, James W. Baugh, Coastline College, Professor of Counseling. You can read more about them on our website.

In April, four faculty are selected for the Regina Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award. Established in 1998, the Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award recognizes four community college faculty members who have demonstrated a commitment to serving students of all ethnicities. This award was named for the past president of the Academic Senate, Regina Stanback-Stroud. In her many roles, Regina originated, advanced, and implemented many programs and policies that significantly increased the ability of the California community colleges to serve a diverse population of the state, especially through student equity and affirmative action in faculty hiring. The winning candidates must display a combination of seven criteria, including making a significant contribution to the creation of a campus environment friendly to students of diverse backgrounds and interest; implementing teaching strategies that have proven successful in serving historically underachieving students; demonstrating success in addressing diverse learning styles; and assisting students from underrepresented groups to encourage retention and success in classes as they move toward their goals. Four winners, one from each Senate area, are hon-ored at the Spring Plenary Session in April and receive recognition and a cash award of $500. This year the Regina Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award winners are: Area A, Janet Koenen, Lake Tahoe, Professor of English; Area B, Pablo Gonzales, Los Medanos College, Professor of English; Area C, Henry Ealy, Los Angeles City College, Professor of American Cultures; and Area D, Gayle Noble, Coastline College, Professor of Education. You can read more about these winners as well on the Senate website.

Please join us in congratulating our colleagues for winning these prestigious awards!

In September, the Senate will again send local senate presidents an announcement for these awards with the application for nomination. This information is also currently posted on the Senate website. Next year, we encourage all local senates to nominate faculty for these distinguished awards.

In the fall we will also seek nominations for our Exemplary Program award. Established by the Board of Governors in 1991, this award recognizes outstanding community college programs. Two California Community College programs are recognized before the Board of Governors in January; each receives a plaque and check for $1,250; four other programs receive honorable mention at that time. This year's winners from Santa Ana College (Center for Teacher Education) and Santa Barbara City College (Gateway to Success Program), as well as representatives of programs in the Honorable Mention Category (Los Angeles City College Pi Shop, Reedley College's Student Athlete Retention Program and Sierra College Writing Center), will share information about the successes of their programs in breakouts at our Spring 2004 Plenary Session.

We urge you to learn from them-and to give serious consideration to individuals and programs on your campus worthy of such statewide recognition.