It’s Time to Submit Disciplines List Revisions

Craig Rutan, Standards and Practices Committee Chair

Every two years, like clockwork, an important process begins again: faculty can propose new disciplines or make revisions to those that exist. In March, an email was sent to senate presidents letting them know that proposed revisions to the Disciplines List could be submitted to the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) office for consideration.

Information about the Disciplines List revision process, including timelines, required forms, and an FAQ document, can be found on the ASCCC website: All submissions require a completed form that includes the approval of a local academic senate or professional discipline organization, evidence of statewide need for the proposed change, documentation that the degrees to satisfy the proposed minimum qualifications are available, and an explanation of the impact of the proposed revision delineated as a list of pros and cons.  While the support of a local senate is sufficient for submission, having the support of one or more professional organizations may strengthen a proposal.

At the spring 2014 Plenary Session, the delegates approved modifications to the disciplines revision process. These changes include the following:

  • Each proposal must have a seconder from a different district than the initiator;
  • The initiator or an informed designee is required to be present for both hearings where the proposed revision is presented; and
  • If the body has previously rejected the proposal, it may be resubmitted for consideration if it has changed significantly, such as the inclusion of a new rationale and new evidence.

Completed proposals with all of the required paperwork must be submitted to the ASCCC office. All submissions must be received by September 30, 2014. For assistance in completing a proposal, please contact the ASCCC office at disciplineslist [at] or the Standards and Practices Committee Chair at rutan_craig [at]

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