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Executive Director

Dear Julie,

The faculty in my discipline are really interested in changing the minimum qualifications for it. They feel that we are always granting equivalencies and that it's time to do something. What do I need to do?

Tired of Equivalencies

Dear T.E.,

Your question is very timely. The current cycle for Disciplines List modifications is open, but it closes September 30. You will have to act quickly in order to submit your proposal on time. If you miss this cycle, however, the next one begins in Spring 2010.

In order to modify or add a discipline to the Disciplines List, proposals must be made by organizations of discipline faculty or by vote of a local senate. Your options are to ask your professional organization of the discipline to recommend the modification or addition, or ask to have your local senate take action on the proposal. All forms are available by contacting the ASCCC office or accessing the information from the web site at http://www.asccc.org/Archives/DisciplineList/DisciplinesList.htm. It's best to have evidence or qualitative data to support your proposal such as names of four-year universities in California that offer a master's degree in the area, numbers of degrees awarded, inclusion of new names of degrees that are offered and where, etc.

Once your completed proposal has been received by the Senate Office, you may receive a call from the chair of the Standards and Practices Committee, who will assist you in making the proposal as clear and accurate as possible. Proposals will be shared with the public at a hearing scheduled during the Fall Plenary Session, and administrators and other faculty are welcome to attend. The proposals are then forwarded to the Executive Committee for review, and recommendations to adopt (or not) modifications to or new disciplines appear as resolutions in the spring.

Good luck!

Executive Committee