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Julie Adams, Executive Director

Q: Last year I heard that colleges experienced disruptions in the degree approval process when new C-ID descriptors were finalized and then added to TMCs when colleges were in the middle of the degree approval process. Is anything being done to prevent these sorts of disruptions in the future?


Darn I did not submit that to C-ID yet

Dear Darn –

Absolutely. Discussions are planned with the Chancellor’s Office to ensure that the “rules” are not changed for a college mid-process (or at least not changed without appropriate notice). All future TMCs or model curricula will not be finalized until all descriptors are finalized, ensuring we will not have these issues in the future. It’s important that newly finalized descriptors be added to TMCs in a timely fashion so that the published TMC provides the field with the most accurate and current information. The Chancellor’s Office template, however, should not suddenly change without notice and, effectively, impose new requirements on colleges. Colleges should have some grace period for getting their degree through the process before they are held to the requirements of an updated template. We look forward to sharing this information with the field with when the details are worked out. But it should be noted that every effort is being made to ensure that these issues are minimized in the future.

Good luck! Executive Committee

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