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Dear Julie,

We’re struggling with the definition of “assigned” C-ID designation for the TMC on our campus. The Transfer Documentation that is required for proposed AA-T degrees requires documentation of 1) Assigned C-ID designation or 2)Assigned TCSU number etc. We’re not sure what is meant by “Assigned” C-ID designation. On our campus “Assigned” is being assumed to mean approved-yet the only currently approved C-ID courses are the ones that had prior TCSU numbers. Are CCC faculty allowed to self-identify their courses that they believe match the C-ID descriptor for purposes of TMC submission?

Any clarification would be appreciated,

Struggling with definition of Assigned C-ID Designations


Dear SDAD,

When submitting a TMC-aligned degree, you just need to indicate that your courses “match” the C-ID (or TCSU descriptor) where appropriate. So, yes, CCC faculty are allowed to self-identify courses as comparable to existing descriptors for the purpose of these degrees.

Good Luck!