Julie's Inbox

Executive Director

Dear Julie,

The 2009-10 state budget devastated many college budgets, and we understood that the Academic Senate received a budget reduction as well. Will the Senate still be able to support local senates? How will your budget cuts affect us?

Just Wondering

Dear J.W.,

Thank you for asking about the financial health of the Academic Senate. We have sustained a significant reduction to our budget, and like all local senates, we are trying to keep the cuts as far away from direct services as possible. The Academic Senate routinely looks for and expects efficiency and accountability for the funds we receive. But despite our best efforts, you may notice some changes, and we encourage your feedback on the results, especially if you find our cuts are negatively impacting your senate.

The Senate receives funds from several sources: a general fund allocation from the system budget, dues from each college, revenue from institutes and plenary sessions, grants, and other minor sources. When any one of these revenue streams is reduced it strains the entire organization. You may notice fewer Rostrums (the Senate newsletter) mailed to your senate, but the electronic versions are always available on our website. We will consolidate some of our committee work and provide fewer funds for committee members to travel or participate in breakouts and presentations. The Executive Committee reviewed its costs and has developed and implemented cost saving measures too.

With mid-year cuts possible and a worsening budget scene for next year, the Executive Committee will be reviewing budget priorities this fall. Input from the field will be solicited. If you have ideas or suggestions, please don't hesitate to forward them to the ASCCC office, info [at] asccc.org.

The Executive Committee