Technology at the Fall Session

Technology Committee Chair

The Technology Committee continued the fine tradition established by previous Technology Committee Chair, Ric Matthews, of providing an ongoing variety of information and demonstrations in the Technology Room.

Laurie Burruss of Pasadena City College gave an exciting demonstration of some recent grant funded activities in multimedia. She and Karen Owen of San Diego Community College District have conducted several "multimedia boot camps" consisting of several day faculty training activities in how to use new technology and the world wide web to enhance classroom learning.

Roberta Baber of Fresno City College gave a current update on the activities of the @ONE Project. This Project is funded through a grant from the Chancellor's Office, administered at De Anza College by Ann Koda, and features a statewide group of faculty. Roberta described the results of last year's needs assessment survey sent to selected colleges and the growing availability of @ONE faculty training modules. She also gave a guided tour of the latest incarnation of the @ONE web site available at http:\\

Ian Walton of Mission College provided an exploration of the Academic Senate's own website ( for an enthusiastic group of new users. They found that as well as the obvious information on Academic Senate committees and activities, the site contains a wealth of information useful to local senates, including links to the curriculum website and an assortment of Education Code, Title 5, and Chancellor's Office information - not to mention the latest in surf conditions.

Kathy O'Connor of Santa Barbara City College and longtime Technology Committee member conducted a packed session on access concerns when incorporating technology into curriculum. She talked about assistive technology, universal design, and concerns for curriculum committees when reviewing course proposals for distance education, including effective instructor-student contact.

The final Technology Room session featured George Tamas, consultant to the Santa Barbara City College based Online Curriculum and Instruction Resource Center Project. This Project is funded through a grant from the Chancellor's Office and plans to facilitate the development and implementation of online courses by making templates and content available online to interested faculty. George demonstrated the current state of the project website.

In addition, two regular breakouts featured technology related discussions. Ric Matthews of San Diego Miramar College joined a Curriculum Committee breakout to describe the latest planning on the Technology II Project at the Chancellor's Office. And Ian Walton joined an Educational Policies Committee breakout debating academic freedom, intellectual property rights and fair use in a digital age.