The Time-Lines They Are A Changin': The New Disciplines List Review Process

Standards and Practices Committee Chair

Traditionally, proposed changes to the disciplines list were considered once every three years. Imagine this: in a new year's Resolution induced epiphany, a faculty member conceives of a change to the disciplines list that will solve a myriad of problems in community college classrooms statewide. Depending on the timing of the epiphany, our eager faculty member might have to wait two years to introduce the proposed change, then wait a year for the change review process, then wait for the board of governors to implement the change. talk about a recipe for frustration.

Ironically-and some would say perversely-this oh so slow three-year schedule only left one academic year for the actual work of reviewing and fine-tuning proposed changes. Consequently, our newly enlightened faculty member's proposal might be rejected for technical foibles that could be corrected if there were more time.

Fear not, diligent faculty. Your executive committee has developed a two-year time-line for reviewing change proposals. One year less waiting, right? And if that weren't enough, the new time-line allocates a full 18 months to actual work on the change proposals. now, with the help of your friendly neighborhood Standards and Practices committee, our eager faculty member can massage the wording of the proposal and iron out any unwanted kinks, then their proposed change can truly be seen for the wonder it is.

By the time you read this, the Standards and Practices Committee will be accepting proposed changes to the Disciplines List.

They will be earnestly reviewing the proposals and consulting the authors to ensure that their intent is fully realized in the wording of the proposal. The Standards and Practices committee will continue to accept proposals through february of 2007 but the earlier you submit it, the better chance we have to perfect it. In the meantime, proposed changes will be discussed at area meetings and at the Plenary Sessions. Finally, the fully reviewed and polished change proposals will be voted upon during the 2007 Spring Plenary Session.

So, with one year less waiting and a year more review, can you ask for a better deal? Well, don't answer yet! At the upcoming Spring Plenary Session, the Standards and Practices committee will hold a breakout on the new time-line and disciplines list review process. so, come one come all. Bring your questions. Bring your epiphanies-in-themaking. All are welcome.