CTE Leadership Committee

Per California Education Code, Part 54.5, section 88821, the CTE Leadership Committee provides recommendations on career and technical education and workforce development issues and challenges in California community colleges. The committee works collaboratively with the ASCCC Executive Committee to provide assistance to community college districts, CTE departments, and CTE faculty in creating and maintaining responsive and system-wide portable curriculum courses, programs, and degrees aligned to current and emergent industry trends, guided pathways, and to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of career education. The committee is also focused on diversity by expanding the participation of diverse CTE faculty in leadership roles at the local, regional, and statewide levels through its ongoing professional development efforts. (updated June 4, 2021) 

PART 54.5. Strong Workforce Program [88820 - 88833]

Committee Liaisons:
Partner Liaisons that connect with this committee include the Association of Community and Continuing Education (ACCE) and the California Community Colleges Regional Consortia
○ These are organizations that provide either a member or a resource for this committee

ASCCC Local Senate Liaisons that are connected to the committee include the CTE Faculty Liaison.
○ This committee will send periodic communications to local senate CTE liaisons that have been identified and signed up for the CTE Liaison Listserv.
Current Members
Member Term
Stephanie Curry 2023-24 Chair
Christopher Howerton 2023-24
Stephanie Rowe 2023-24
Alana Gates 2023-24
John Grounds 2023-24
Nicole Marquez 2023-24
Brian Palmiter 2023-24
Jimmie Bowen 2023-24
Amar Abbott 2023-24
Marie Templo-Capule 2023-24
Alexander Jones 2023-24
Sigrid Williams 2023-24

Looking for more information on CTE data and tools that you can use to support local processes like program planning, program review, and student advising? Check out the CTE Data Unlocked Resource Library, which includes dozens of infographics, short videos, briefs, and step-by-step guides.

Current Agendas/minutes


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Past members

Past Members
Term: 2022-23
Member Term Sort ascending
John Grounds 2022-23
Carrie Roberson 2022-23 Chair
Amber Gillis 2022-23
Eugene Mahmoud 2022-23
Bernardino Rodriguez 2022-23
Shelley Eckvahl 2022-23
Eva Mercier 2022-23
Rich Harlan 2022-23
Doug Sallade 2022-23
Armie Javadyan 2022-23
Laura Manyweather 2022-23
Term: 2021-22
Member Term Sort ascending
Virginia "Ginni" May 2021-22
Brian Palmiter 2021-22
Doug Sallade 2021-22
Christie Dam 2021-22
Rich Harlan 2021-22
Stephanie Clark 2021-22
Carina Love 2021-22
Leticia Barajas 2021-22
Claudia Ross-Ibara 2021-22
Amar Abbott 2021-22
Sharon Sampson 2021-22
Juan Arzola 2021-22 Chair
Term: 2020-21
Member Term Sort ascending
Julie Oliver 2020-21
Mayra Cruz 2020-21 Chair
Christy Coobatis 2020-21
Violeta Wenger 2020-21
Jimmie Bowen 2020-21
Donald Laird 2020-21
Tina McClurkin 2020-21
Don Mason 2020-21
Kristina Perkins 2020-21
Christie Dam 2020-21
Robert Bodden Jr 2020-21
Elmida Baghdaserians 2020-21
David Ramirez 2020-21
Lynn Shaw 2020-21

Past Agenda/minutes