Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is charged to make recommendations to the Executive Committee on issues related to the development, review, implementation, and assessment of all aspects of curriculum both at the college and state level. The committee distributes information through institutes and other forms of professional development, the website, and listservs, as well as senate publications. Under the direction of the president, the chair and/or members of the Curriculum Committee provide technical assistance to local college curriculum committees, academic senates, and the faculty in general. Note: Resolution 15.03 S94 charged the Senate with appointing a library science member and noted past recommendations to the Senate to appoint a counselor, articulation officer, vocational education and basic skills faculty.

Membership of this committee includes a Chief Instructional Officer (CIO) appointed by the California Community Colleges Chief Instructional Officers organization (

Members of this committee also assist with the planning of the Curriculum Institute.
Current Members
Member Term
Stephanie Curry 2021-22 Chair
Michelle Bean 2021-22
Nili Kirschner 2021-22
Adrienne C. Brown 2021-22
Sarah Harris 2021-22
Henry Young 2021-22
Jeff Waller 2021-22
Academic Year Meetings

2020 - 2021

August 28th, 2020 @ 9:00am - 10:15am  ZOOM

September 24th, 2020 @ 9:00am - 10:15am  ZOOM

October 29th, 2020 @ 9:00am - 10:15am  ZOOM

November 19th, 202 @ 9:00am - 10:15am  ZOOM

December 3rd, 2020 @ 9:00am - 10:15am  ZOOM


You can view resolutions and Rostrum articles related to the the California Community Colleges Curriculum Committee by clicking here.

Current Agendas/minutes


Title Sort descending Session Year Category
Academic Credit for Student Governance Participation Fall 2000 Curriculum
Academic Credit for Veterans and Military Service Members Spring 2011 Matriculation
Academic Integrity in Courses Offered in Shortened Time Frames Fall 2006 Curriculum
Academic Integrity in Short-Term Courses Spring 2006 Curriculum
Addressing Expectation of Student's Technology Skills Fall 2000 Technology
Adopt Updated Course Basic (CB) 21 Rubrics for Coding English as a Second Language (ESL) Course Outcomes Fall 2019 Curriculum
Adoption of "Good Practice for the Implementation of Prerequisites" Document Spring 1997 Curriculum
Adoption of "Regional Curriculum Colloquia and Delegated Approval Authority" Document Spring 1997 Curriculum
Alternative Mathematics and English Courses Spring 2006 Curriculum
Amend Resolution 9.09 Spring 2006 Curriculum
Amend Title 5 Requirement for English (see 9.06R F 02) Spring 2003 Curriculum
Basic Skills Spring 2000 Curriculum
California State University Quantitative Reasoning Task Force Report Fall 2016 Intersegmental Issues
Chancellor’s Office Interpretation of Education Code and Title 5 Regulations Spring 2015 Curriculum
Clarifications on Math and English Recommendations Fall 2005 Curriculum
Clarify and Strengthen the Ethnic Studies General Education Requirement Fall 2020 Curriculum
Clarify the Meaning of Fundamental Alteration When Providing Academic Accommodations Fall 2019 Curriculum
Clarify Title 5 on Degree-applicability of Courses Spring 2006 Curriculum
Class Caps Based on Pedagogical Factors Fall 2009 General Concerns
Common Title for Career-oriented Low-Unit Certificates Spring 2008 Curriculum
Course Basic (CB) 21 Rubrics for Coding Course Outcomes Spring 2019 Curriculum
Course Development and Enrollment Management Fall 2011 General Concerns
Course Outline Cover Sheet Spring 2000 Curriculum
Course Outline of Record Accessibility to Part-time Temporary Faculty Fall 2001 Curriculum
Courses Taught in Language Other than English Spring 2001 Curriculum


Title Sort descending Issue Year
10 Noncredit Instruction in Guided Pathways Efforts April 2020
2009: A Year of Curricular Changes for California Community Colleges March 2009
A Legacy of Honesty and Integrity July 2019
A Tale of Two Data Elements May 2009
AA/AS Degree Requirements March 2004
AB 705 and Its Unintended Consequences February 2020
An Institute of Intrigue May 2008
Apprenticeships and the Faculty Purview April 2018
Best Practices for the Development of New Courses February 2015
Beyond Efficient Curriculum Approval Processes – Timely Catalog Publication March 2016
Beyond the Classroom: Fostering Civic Engagement in our Students September 2010
But Will It Fly? OER and Articulation September 2009
Call Me Maybe? : When to Contact the Chancellor’s Office and How to Find Information on Your Own June 2013
CB 21, C-ID, and the Ongoing Challenge of Defining Basic Skills Curriculum October 2014
CB and SP Codes: What You Need to Know and Why February 2012
Celebrating and Coping with the Title 5 Changes of 2007 December 2007
Course Repetition and Repeatability – Legal Mandate and Significant Change in Industry or Licensure Standards: Sharing the Burden for Certifying the Need for Repetition February 2019
Coursework Recency April 2010
Credit Where Credit is Due: Incongruities in the Value of Lab and Lecture December 2004
Curriculum Approval Takes Too Long. and Other Myths December 2006
Curriculum Development, Submission and Quality: It's About to Get a Little Easier September 2009
Curriculum Institute and Student Learning Outcomes Institute March 2007
Curriculum Streamlining September 2017
Curriculum, Coding and our Professional Responsibility: Revise Your Process September 2009
Curriculum-Product or Process September 2007


Title Sort descending Session Year Category
Awarding Credit Where Credit is Due: Effective Practices for the Implementation of Credit by Exam Spring 2014 Grading
Components of a Model Course Outline of Record Fall 1995 Curriculum
Curriculum Committee Review of Distance Learning Courses and Sections Fall 1995 Curriculum
Curriculum Committee: Role, Structure, Duties and Standards of Good Practice Fall 1996 Curriculum
Ensuring Effective Curriculum Approval Processes: A Guide for Local Senates Spring 2016 Curriculum
Future Planning: Instruction as a Priority Fall 1982 Curriculum
General Education Model Criteria for the Associate Degree Spring 1981 Curriculum
Good Practices for Course Approval Processes Spring 1998 Curriculum
Good Practices for the Implementation of Prerequisites Spring 1997 Curriculum
Implementing Content Review for Communication and Computation Prerequisites Spring 2011 Curriculum
Information Competency: Challenges and Strategies for Development Fall 2002 Curriculum
Issues and Options for Associate Degree Levels In Mathematics and English Fall 2004 Curriculum
Multiple Measures in Assessment: The Requirements and Challenges of Multiple Measures in the California Community Colleges Spring 2014 Matriculation
Setting Course Enrollment Maximums: Process, Roles, and Principles Spring 2012 Curriculum
Student Success: The Case for Establishing Prerequisites through Content Review Fall 2010 Curriculum
Stylistic Considerations in Writing Course Outlines of Record Spring 1998 Curriculum
The Course Outline of Record: A Curriculum Reference Guide Spring 2008 Curriculum
The Course Outline of Record: A Curriculum Reference Guide Revisited Spring 2017 Curriculum

Past members

Past Members
Term: 2014-15
Member Term
Michelle Grimes-Hillman 2014-15 Chair
Cheryl Aschenbach 2014-15
Virginia "Ginni" May 2014-15
James Todd 2014-15
Richard Cameron 2014-15
Terrie Hawthorne 2014-15
Kathleen Rose 2014-15
Sofia Ramirez-Gelpi 2014-15
Ravneet Kaur (Student) 2014-15
Term: 2015-16
Member Term
John Freitas 2015-16 Chair
Diana Hurlbut 2015-16
Tiffany Tran 2015-16
Sofia Ramirez-Gelpi 2015-16
Michael Heumann 2015-16
Virginia "Ginni" May 2015-16
Vivian Varela 2015-16
Michelle (Toni) Parsons 2015-16
Term: 2016-17
Member Term
Dolores Davison 2016-17 Chair
Randy Beach 2016-17
Michael Bowen 2016-17
Michelle Sampat 2016-17
Michael Wyly 2016-17
Quincy Taylor 2016-17
Dan Keller 2016-17
Term: 2017-18
Member Term
Craig Rutan 2017-18 Chair
Cheryl Aschenbach 2017-18
Daniel Keller 2017-18
Thais Winsome 2017-18
Eric Wada 2017-18
Aimee Tran 2017-18
Leticia Hector 2017-18
Cynthia Reiss 2017-18
Term: 2018-19
Member Term
Virginia "Ginni" May 2018-19 Chair
Karen Daar 2018-19
Carrie Roberson 2018-19
Donna Necke 2018-19
Eric Wada 2018-19
Stephanie Curry 2018-19
Aimee Tran 2018-19
Nili Kirschner 2018-19
Jamar London 2018-19
Term: 2019-20
Member Term
Cheryl Aschenbach 2019-20 Chair
Silvester Henderson 2019-20
Erik Shearer 2019-20
Jimmie Bowen 2019-20
Donna Necke 2019-20
Lisa Saperston 2019-20
Nili Kirschner 2019-20
Jenifer Taylor Mendoza 2019-20
Shilo Nelson 2019-20
Elizabeth Ramirez 2019-20
Term: 2020-21
Member Term
Carrie Roberson 2020-21 Chair
Michelle Bean 2020-21
Randy Beach 2020-21
Rose Giordano 2020-21
Jeff Waller 2020-21
Josefina Gomez 2020-21
Michelle Plug 2020-21
Alexandra Diamant 2020-21

Past Agenda/minutes

Term 2020-21
Document Notes Term
8.28.2020 ASCCC CC Minutes.docx 2020-21
9.24.2020 ASCCC CC Minutes.docx 2020-21
10.29.2020 ASCCC CC Minutes.docx 2020-21
11.19.2020 ASCCC CC Minutes.docx 2020-21
12.3.2020 ASCCC CC Minutes.docx 2020-21
2.11.2021 ASCCC CC Minutes.docx 2020-21
3.4.2021 ASCCC CC Minutes.docx 2020-21
4.8.2021 ASCCC CC Minutes.docx 2020-21
Term 2018-19
Document Notes Term
ASCCC Curriculum Committee Minutes 8-29-2018 Approved.pdf 2018-19
ASCCC Curriculum Committee Minutes 9-12-2018 Approved.pdf 2018-19
ASCCC Curriculum Committee Minutes 9-26-2018 Approved.pdf 2018-19
ASCCC Curriculum Committee Minutes 10-10-2018 Approved.pdf 2018-19
ASCCC Curriculum Committee Minutes 11-28-2018 Approved.pdf 2018-19
ASCCC Curriculum Committee Minutes 12-14-2018 Approved.pdf 2018-19
ASCCC Curriculum Committee Minutes 1-23-2019 Approved.pdf 2018-19
ASCCC Curriculum Committee Minutes 2-13-2019 Approved.pdf 2018-19
ASCCC Curriculum Committee Minutes 2-27-2019 Approved.pdf 2018-19
ASCCC Curriculum Committee Minutes 3-9-2019 Approved.pdf 2018-19
ASCCC Curriculum Committee Minutes 3-27-2019 Approved.pdf 2018-19
ASCCC Curriculum Committee Minutes 4-23-2019 Approved.pdf 2018-19
Term 2017-18
Document Notes Term
CCAgenda9117.pdf 2017-18
CCMinutes9117.docx 2017-18
CCAgenda92717.docx 2017-18
CCMinutes92717.docx 2017-18
CCAgenda102017.docx 2017-18
CCMinutes102017.docx 2017-18
CCAgenda120917.docx 2017-18
CCMinutes120917.docx 2017-18
CCAgenda22018.docx 2017-18
CCMinutes22018.docx 2017-18
CCAgenda31718.docx 2017-18
CCMinutes31718.docx 2017-18
CCAgenda5232018.docx 2017-18
CCAgenda6122018.docx 2017-18
Term 2016-17
Document Notes Term
Curriculum Committee Minutes 29 August 2016.docx 2016-17
Curriculum Agenda 24 September 2016.docx 2016-17
Curriculum Minutes 24 September 2016.pdf 2016-17
Curriculum Agenda 18 October 2016.docx 2016-17
Curriculum Minutes 18 October 2016(1).docx 2016-17
Curriculum Agenda 15 November 2016.docx 2016-17
Curriculum Minutes 15 November 2016.pdf 2016-17
Curriculum Committee Agenda 6 December 2016.docx 2016-17
Curriculum Committee Minutes 6 December 2016.pdf 2016-17
Curriculum Committee Agenda 17 January 2017.docx 2016-17
Curriculum Committee Minutes 25 February 2017.docx 2016-17
Curriculum Committee Minutes 21 March.docx 2016-17
Curriculum Committee Agenda 6 May 2017.docx 2016-17
Curriculum Minutes 6 May 2017.docx 2016-17
Curriculum Committee Minutes 17 January 2017.docx 2016-17
Curriculum Committee Agenda 21 March 2017.docx 2016-17
Term 2015-16
Document Notes Term
Curriculum_Committee_MINUTES_3-9-16.pdf 2015-16
Curriculum Committee Minutes 5-14-2016.pdf 2015-16
Curriculum_Committee_Minutes_2-10-16.pdf 2015-16
Curriculum_Committee_Minutes_1-11-16_Approved.pdf 2015-16
Curriculum_Committee_Minutes-12-16-15_Approved.pdf 2015-16
Curriculum_Committee_August_4_2015_Minutes_Approved.pdf 2015-16
Curriculum_Committee_August_19_2015_Minutes_Approved.pdf 2015-16
Curriculum_Committee_Minutes_8-29-15_Approved.pdf 2015-16
Curriculum_Committee_Minutes_9-16-15_Approved.pdf 2015-16
Curriculum_Committee_Minutes_10-14-15_Approved.pdf 2015-16
Curriculum_Committee_Minutes_12-2-15_Approved.pdf 2015-16
Curriculum_Committee_Minutes-11-11-15_Approved.pdf 2015-16