Part-Time Committee

The Part-time Faculty Committee provides recommendations to the Executive committee on academic and professional matters that affect part-time faculty members. The committee recognizes that part-time faculty make up the majority of California community college faculty and serve disproportionately-impacted students. This committee advocates for diverse part-time faculty colleagues, ensuring their access to professional and leadership development offerings as well as shared governance opportunities at the local and statewide levels. The part-time faculty committee collaborates with the executive committee to develop and provide opportunities where part-time faculty gain additional insight on issues germane to academic and professional needs. This committee is also focused on promoting diversity within part-time faculty pools with the goal of having educators who reflect the student population, and this committee further commits to empowering part-time faculty voices who have been historically excluded (e.g., colleagues of color). 

ASCCC Part-Time Faculty Resources Website:


Academic Year Meetings: 

October 18th 4:00om – 5:30pm   


November 15th 4:00pm – 5:30pm  


 December 13th 4:00pm – 5:30pm