Resolutions Committee

The Resolutions Committee charge is to provide accurate and timely documents of the resolutions that eventually are adopted at the Senate Sessions. The process begins with Senate Committees that submit resolutions to the Executive Committee, which in turn adopts resolutions for submission to Area meetings where more resolutions may be written. A resolution document is in the packet at the Session and additional resolutions are developed there and printed at the Session. A final document for Plenary Session deliberation is prepared including resolutions and amendments.

Current Members
Member Term
Amber Gillis 2021-22 Chair
Stephanie Curry 2021-22 Chair
Manuel Vélez 2021-22
Nancy Persons 2021-22
Academic Year Meetings

2020-2021 Meetings 

August 27, 2020

September 10, 2020 

October 30, 2020 

December 3, 2020 

Current Agendas/minutes

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Past members

Past Members
Term: 2020-21
Member Term Sort ascending
Stephanie Curry 2020-21 Chair
Sam Foster 2020-21
David Morse 2020-21
Amber Gillis 2020-21
Annie Corbett 2020-21
Term: 2019-20
Member Term Sort ascending
Geoffrey Dyer 2019-20 Chair
Nathaniel Donahue 2019-20
Eric Narveson 2019-20
Julie Clark 2019-20
Maria Figueroa 2019-20
Term: 2018-19
Member Term Sort ascending
Rebecca Eikey 2018-19
Conan McKay 2018-19
Sam Foster 2018-19
Eric Narveson 2018-19
Darcie McClelland 2018-19
Geoffrey Dyer 2018-19 Chair
Term: 2017-18
Member Term Sort ascending
Virginia "Ginni" May 2017-18 Chair
Rebecca Eikey 2017-18
Carrie Roberson 2017-18
Geoffrey Dyer 2017-18
Leigh Anne Shaw 2017-18
Michael Dighera 2017-18
Donna Greene 2017-18
Term: 2016-17
Member Term Sort ascending
Virginia "Ginni" May 2016-17
Carrie Roberson 2016-17
Eric Thompson 2016-17
Randy Beach 2016-17 Chair
Rebecca Eikey 2016-17
Donna Greene 2016-17
Term: 2015-16
Member Term Sort ascending
Julie Adams 2015-16
John Stanskas 2015-16
Randy Beach 2015-16
Rochelle Olive 2015-16
Michelle Sampat 2015-16
Term: 2014-15
Member Term Sort ascending
Randy Beach 2014-15
Debbie Klein 2014-15
Michelle Sampat 2014-15
John Freitas 2014-15 Chair
Julie Adams 2014-15

Past Agenda/minutes


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