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"Shouldn't Prerequisites be an Academic and Professional Matter?" May 2006
29th Fall Plenary Session, Another Success January 1998
A Conversation on Distance Education (DE) Workload and Quality Instruction February 2007
A Report from the Affirmative Action/Cultural Diversity Committee October 2001
A Review of Reports that You Know You Should Read December 2007
Academic Excellence: Why California's Community Colleges Need the 75/25 Full-Time Faculty Standard September 2008
Academic Freedom in a Digital Age February 1999
Academic Senate Annual Report May 2007
Access for All May 2007
Accreditation Evaluation Teams-The Comprehensive Visit April 1999
Accreditation: The Policies on Distance Education December 2006
Administrators in Our Midst: Retreat Rights and Evaluation May 2005
Administrators Need and Orientation to the Senate May 2007
Affirmative Action Committee Breakout June 1999
All Are Leaders March 2009
An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: Getting Ahead of the Enrollment Chase in Distance Education February 2006
Answers Needed to Questions about Academic Dishonesty December 2008
Assessing the Assessors December 2006
Assessment Anxiety in the Air May 2007
Basic Skills Committee Focuses on Instruction October 2001
Basic Skills Students - Do We Really Want Them to Succeed? November 2005
Been There, Done That February 2006
Blackboard Down! A Retrospective Look at Crashing May 2006
Blurring the Distinction Between Credit and Noncredit Dos and Don'ts November 2005
Board Policies: The Perfect Storm May 2008


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