ASCCC OERI: Weekly Webinar - Inclusive or Exclusive? Examining "Inclusive Access" in the CCCs

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Inclusive or Exclusive? Examining "Inclusive Access" in the CCCs
Friday, April 29, 10:30 am - 11:30 am

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To make course materials more affordable and accessible, many colleges and universities, including some California Community Colleges, have implemented versions of "Inclusive Access" (IA) programs. Designed by the textbook industry, IA is a sales model that adds the cost of digital course content into students’ fees. What does this automatic billing approach look like in our system and what impact has it had on students? While the advertised benefits of these programs have been widely promoted, there are also drawbacks for students and faculty that deserve equal attention. Join this webinar from to get the facts on what IA programs are, explore how they differ from open models like OER, and examine whether IA is "inclusive" at all.