Southern C-ID Discipline Meeting

The upcoming C-ID meetings are one-day meetings that will focus on finalizing existing descriptors in the following disciplines: Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Math, Criminal Justice, Physics, Art History, Geology, History, Kinesiology, and Theater. If faculty are interested but are unavailable they can still participate by visiting to offer their feedback on the descriptors currently available.

Discipline Input Group (DIG) Meeting Goals:

1) Review and provide feedback on existing C-ID course descriptors.
2) Review (and modify, if necessary) CSU LDTP course descriptors, which will be incorporated into C-ID.
3) Determine, and develop, additional descriptors as needed.
4) Time permitting, the discipline groups will discuss the composition of the major/area of emphasis component of CCC degrees. As it is presumed that SB 1440 will pass, there will be a need to identify the courses that would compose a CCC degree in order to best prepare a student for the major at any CSU and, hopefully, any UCs that offer a comparable major.

Registration is open to articulation officers and any faculty in the disciplines listed above from the CCC, CSU, and UC who are willing to attend. To register for one of the meetings, please send an email to katey [at] with the following information:

- Name, discipline, phone number, email address, and mailing address
- Indicate that you would like to attend the Oct. 8th meeting in Orange
- Indicate if you have any special dietary needs

After you register, you will receive additional information and updates via email. A folder will be mailed to you prior to the meeting with important materials - please review the information before the meeting.