Effective and Equitable Transfer Practices in the California Community Colleges

Articulation and Transfer
Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee

As the California Community Colleges system strives to meet the needs of students, one important part of its mission is transfer, as this goal is the one most identified by community college students. In order to address the needs and goals of so many students, community colleges throughout the state must provide resources that can guide students through the process. Transfer should command considerable attention at community colleges for a number of reasons.

Title 5 §51027 requires that “the governing board of each community college district shall recognize transfer as one of its primary missions, and shall place priority emphasis on the preparation and transfer of underrepresented students, including African-American, Chicano/Latino, American Indian, disabled, low-income and other students historically and currently underrepresented in the transfer process.” Embedded in this Title 5 section are equity considerations. Community colleges are required to place emphasis on underrepresented students, and since these students make up the largest percentage of community college students throughout the state, effectively serving the transfer needs of the student population will partially fulfill the mandate of Title 5. Additional strategies and interventions are required for minoritized populations.