Optimizing Student Success- An Academic Senate White Paper

Guided Pathways Task Force

Guided pathways increases attention to individual student journeys through California’s community colleges, intentionally addressing innovations to optimize student success in completing the students’ educational goals. This report primarily concerns placement and success in English pathways, including reading, and mathematics1 pathways, including all quantitative reasoning, as it directly relates to implementation of AB 705 (Irwin, 2017, codified in California Education Code section 78213) and evaluation of that implementation. While English as a second language is very important to the success of California’s student population, data regarding implementation of AB 705 in ESL is not readily available because full implementation will not begin until fall 2021 and ESL implementation guidelines are being updated as of the writing of this report (Assembly Bill 705 and 1805 Spring 2019 Guidance, 2019).


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