40.01 Honoring Faculty Leaders

The Executive Committee may in some cases decide to honor faculty or other individuals who have served the ASCCC by supporting the mission and vision of the organization through a variety of capacities (e.g., committee member, Executive Committee member, advisory group).

The following are ways that the ASCCC or the Executive Committee can confer honors:

Resolution Conferring Senator Emeritus Status

Individuals that have been granted senator emeritus status are entitled to special recognition at ASCCC events, free issues of the ASCCC Rostrum, and free registration at all ASCCC plenary sessions.

If the Executive Committee or other faculty members working through their Area, determine that a faculty member should be honored as emeritus, the following criteria will be considered:

  1. The faculty member must have formally submitted retirement paperwork to the member’s college’s or district’s human resources office, be a retired community college faculty member, or be deceased.
  2. The faculty member must have completed at least five years of service on ASCCC committees, as an ASCCC appointee to statewide or Chancellor’s office bodies, as an ASCCC appointee for special projects, or any combination of direct service to the ASCCC thereof.
  3. The faculty member must be recognized for exceptional contributions supporting the aims and functions of the ASCCC.

Honorary Resolution from the Executive Committee

Former Executive Committee members who meet specific criteria will be honored with a special resolution crafted by the Executive Committee. In addition, former Executive Committee members who do not meet the specific criteria or other individuals, either faculty or non-faculty, who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the mission and vision of ASCCC may also receive a special resolution at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Such a resolution is honorary, is not subject to the standard resolutions process restrictions, and may be granted posthumously.

The criteria according to which former Executive Committee members shall be honored with an honorary resolution for their service on the Executive Committee and to the ASCCC is as follows:

  1. A minimum of two full years of service on the Executive Committee.
  2. Any combination of three aspects of the following:
    1. Served as chair of at least two ASCCC standing committees or task forces or of a state-level special project or body as an ASCCC appointee;
    2. Authored at least three articles published in the Rostrum;
    3. Participated in the authorship of a published ASCCC paper;
    4. Led the presentation and planning of an ASCCC institute.

Former Executive Committee members who do not meet the above criteria to be honored with an honorary resolution shall be recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation. Additionally, for former Executive Committee members who do not meet the above criteria but for whom an honorary resolution might be considered, the following process for exemption from criteria is available:

Procedure for honoring former Executive Committee members or other individuals who have contributed to ASCCC but do not meet the above criteria:

  1. A request to honor the proposed honoree will be forwarded to the ASCCC Standards and Practices Committee with a written rationale. The committee will consider the request and forward a recommendation to the Executive Committee. The Standards and Practices Committee may request additional support for the proposal if necessary.
  2. The recommendation of the Standards and Practices Committee must be agendized for action at a regular meeting of the Executive Committee.
  3. A vote of 75% of the Executive Committee members present is required to pass the motion for recognition.

Certificate of Appreciation

For cases in which the service of an individual merits an honor but does not meet the criteria for an honorary resolution and is not granted an exception to the criteria, the ASCCC Executive Committee may confer a certificate of appreciation. Such a certificate will include standard language developed by the Standards and Practices Committee, will be signed by the ASCCC President and the ASCCC Executive Director, and may be presented to the recipient as a printed and framed document at an ASCCC plenary session or other event.

Certificates of appreciation are approved and conferred by the Executive Committee and are not subject to a plenary session vote. A proposal for conferral of a certificate of appreciation may be submitted to the ASCCC Executive Director by any member of the ASCCC Executive Committee. Proposed conferrals of certificates of appreciation must be agendized at a meeting of the Executive Committee and must receive a vote of 75% of Executive Committee members present for approval.

Honoring ASCCC Past Presidents

ASCCC Past Presidents who maintain their faculty status are entitled to special recognition at Senate events and free registration at all Academic Senate Plenary Sessions.

Recognition through the Standard Resolutions Process

Individuals that do not meet any of the above requirements may be recognized through the standard resolution process.

Recipients of any of these honors may be eligible for additional awards throughout or after their term of service within the California Community College system.

Approved by ASCCC Executive Committee June 2021