30.03 Reassigned Time and Overload Assignments

Definition: Reassigned = Reassigned from normal faculty load.

President and Vice-President: The positions of president and vice-president are seen as full-time responsibilities, and the office holders are generally granted 100% reassigned time. Since the president and the vice president positions are critical to the viability of the organization, the expectation is that neither of the holders of these positions carries any other assignment, whether regular, overload, or reassigned. The payment of 100% reassigned time by the ASCCC to the officers' districts is conditional on the two position holders not having any assignments--regular, overload, or reassigned--from their colleges or districts.

All Other Members of the Executive Committee: In the event that elected members of the Executive Committee, with the exception of the president or vice-president, choose to take on overload assignments, they should keep in mind the roles and responsibilities for which they are receiving reassigned time and the expectation that they fulfill these roles and responsibilities. If members are not able to fulfill the requirements of their assignments, the reassigned time for the academic year may be re-evaluated. Executive committee members teaching or assigned any fraction of regular, overload or other reassignment at their home colleges may not receive 100% reassigned time from ASCCC.

Summer Session: Summer session is excluded from this policy.

While Executive Committee members may be asked to perform duties during the summer, only officers are required to be available during the summer. If an Executive Committee member is asked to perform a duty during the summer, that member may be eligible for a stipend according to Policy 30.04.

Reassigned Time: The amount of reassigned time granted to members of the Executive Committee varies based on the roles and responsibilities assumed by the individual members. In no case will the ASCCC provide an amount of reassigned time such that when combined with other reassigned time that the faculty member is receiving from his or her college or district the total exceeds 100% of a full-time regular load. Reassigned time can only be applied to a faculty member's regular load. Reassigned time cannot be applied to overload assignments. Local bargaining agreements may also impose limitations on the amount of reassigned time that may be granted.

See Title 5 §53207 for more information on ASCCC reassigned time. The ASCCC Executive Committee will continue to review and revise these policies as necessary and appropriate.

Approved by ASCCC Executive Committee April 2021