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Latest Rostrum Articles

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Setting Up an Institutional Review Board at Your College
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Coursework Recency
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Putting Prerequisites into Context: How We Got to Where We Are
Basic Skills Initiative Work - We Have Gone Far and Deep!
Transfer Degree Déjà Vu
Fall 2009 Referred Resolutions – Revising the 50% Law and Response to AB 440: “Transfer Degree”
It’s Not FSAs
Julie’s Inbox….
A Look on the “Bright Side” of Flex Activities
Ethnic Studies Requirement: Understanding It and Fulfilling It.
Local Control – Who Needs It
Sharing Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) With Your College Community
“All Senates is Local”
The Master Plan for Higher Education and the Missions of the California Community Colleges
Academic Dishonesty and the Faculty’s Right to Assign a Grade: A Test of the Academic Senate’s Authority
Whatever Happened to That Resolution I Wrote?