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Latest Rostrum Articles

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Housekeeping: Records and Files
Life, Death, and Reincarnation in the Legislative World
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Shooting the Messenger
Equalization or Will We Ever Be There?
Information is Power: Data at Your Disposal
Faculty Development
Complications in Determining Faculty Minimum Qualifications
Equivalency Training
Valuing Diversity
French Fries, Funding, and Student Success: Occasions for Unity
Information Competency: Moving Ahead Despite...
Vigilance and Self-Defense: The Local Senate's Response to Crisis
Vocational Faculty-What's Happening?
Local Senates
The Accountability Game - Stanford 9 in K-12, HMO's in Health Care, .MSLOs in CC's
Ignore Us At Your Peril!": The San Francisco Accreditation Hearing
The Devil's in the Pragmatism
Never a Dull Moment in Sacramento
The Time-Lines They Are A Changin': The New Disciplines List Review Process
Waiting for Standardization
War, Health Care, and Drug Policies: Are These Issues That Academic Senates Should Weigh In On?
Why We Pursue Diversity
We Can, We Should-It's Right, It's Our Job