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Latest Rostrum Articles

Titlesort descending Published Author
Faculty Evaluations – The SLOAC Debate Continues

April 2012

  • Katie Townsend-Merino
    Accreditation Committee Member
  • Richard Mahon
    Accreditation Committee Member
Faculty Hiring and Diversity: An Ongoing Collaborative Effort

February 2021

  • Dolores Davison
    ASCCC President
  • Mayra Cruz
    ASCCC Treasurer
Faculty Hiring Processes

April 2018

  • Dolores Davison
    ASCCC Secretary and Chair, Equity and Diversity Action Committee
Faculty Involvement in Financial Recovery Plans

April 2019

  • Relations with Local Senates Committee
Faculty Involvement in the Legislative Process. or Professor Smith Goes to Sacramento

September 2006

  • Dan Crump
Faculty Involvement in the Student Equity and Achievement Program

April 2020

  • Jessica Ayo Alabi
    ASCCC Equity and Diversity Action Committee, Orange Coast College
Faculty Leaders Found Their Way in San Jose

September 2004

  • Leon Marzillier
    Area C Representative
Faculty Leadership Institute

October 1999

  • Nancy Silva
Faculty Leadership Institute, Legislative Pre-Session, and Liaisons

April 2017

  • John Stanskas
    ASCCC Vice President
Faculty Leadership Institute: 2007 - Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery - Keeping Local Senates Healthy

March 2007

  • Michelle Pilati
    Local Senates Chair
Faculty Participation on the Student Success Task Force 2011

November 2011

  • Jane Patton
    Academic Senate Past President and Task Force member
Faculty Primacy and AP Credit

February 2018

  • Randy Beach
    Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee
  • Dave DeGroot
    Allan Hancock College
  • Jacqueline Stahlke
    Victor Valley College
Faculty Primacy in Online Education

September 2015

  • Dolores Davison
    ASCCC Online Education Committee Chair
  • Fabiola Torres
    OEI Steering Committee Chair and member of the ASCCC Online Education Committee
Faculty Recognition: Acknowledging Your Own Faculty Is Part of Professional Development

September 2015

  • Julie Adams
    Executive Director
  • John Stanskas
    Secretary, Standards and Practices Committee Chair
Faculty Role and Responsibility in Professional Development

February 2019

  • Carolyn Holcroft
    Foothill College
  • Mayra Cruz
    ASCCC Representative At-Large
  • Michelle Bean
    Rio Hondo College
  • Elizabeth Imhof
    Santa Barbara Community College
Faculty to Administration: The Leap of Faith

September 2008

  • Richard Mahon
    Futures Ad Hoc Committee, Past Chair
Fall 2009 Referred Resolutions – Revising the 50% Law and Response to AB 440: “Transfer Degree”

January 2010

  • Michelle Pilati
    Academic Senate Vice President
Fall Session Elections

January 1998

  • Nancy Silva
Fall Session Has It All: From Partnership to Drama

February 1999

  • Lynda Corbin
    San Diego Mesa College
Fall Session: The Firsts and the Lasts

April 2001

  • Julie Adams
    Executive Director
Faster is Not Better; Better is Better

November 2011

  • David Morse
Federalization of Higher Education and the Expanding Data Bubble

December 2010

  • Greg Gilbert
    Copper Mountain College
First Annual Technology for Teaching Institute

October 1998

  • Ric Matthews
First Conference

April 2006

  • Frank Tebeau
First Ever Teaching Institute

September 2006

  • Phillip Maynard