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Latest Rostrum Articles

Developing Guided Pathways: The Importance of Faculty Voice and Leadership
Developing Metamajors: Important Dialogue, Significant Process Evaluation, and Iterative Work
Development Criteria for Curriculum Approval Processes
Developmental Education Faculty Certification Program
Did you know:
Discipline Faculty Discussing Curriculum.Priceless
Discipline List Revision
Discipline Specialization
Disciplines List Proposals
Disciplines List Proposals: What Do They Want to Change Now?
Disciplines List Review Begins
Disciplines List Review Preparation
Disciplines List Revision Process
Disciplines List Revisions
Disciplines Lists - Breakout on the Structure ("Exploring New Approaches") and Hearing on Proposals
Discount Program Helps Break Down Cost Barriers for Technology
Disenfranchised Students – Where are We Now?
Disenfranchised Students—Who Are They?
Distance Education, the Wave of the Future?
Distance Education: If Done Right, Is It Right for You?
Distance Learning in California Community Colleges
Diversifying Leadership in the Faculty Ranks
Diversity Award Becomes a Reality
Diversity Colloquia
Diversity Institute on the Right Track