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Latest Rostrum Articles

Titlesort descending Published Author
Update on Implementing New Mathematics and English Requirements

December 2008

  • Jane Patton
    Chair, Educational Policies Committee
Update on Statewide Career Pathways Project

March 2007

  • Jane Patton
    Member of the Statewide Career Pathways Steering Committee
  • Sid Burks
    Member of the Statewide Career Pathways Steering Committee
Updates on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Efforts

April 2018

  • Dolores Davison
    ASCCC Secretary and Chair, Equity and Diversity Action Committee
Updating The Faculty Role in Planning and Budgeting Paper?

November 2009

  • Lesley Kawaguchi
    Chair, Accreditation and SLO Committee
Updating “Part-Time Faculty: A Principled Perspective”

February 2015

  • Dolores Davison
    Chair, Part-Time Paper Task Force
Valuing Diversity

October 2002

  • Hoke Simpson
Vendors’ Resources at Senate Events

November 2013

  • Julie Adams
    Executive Director
Ventura District Reviews Committee Structures, Develops Shared Governance Agreements

October 1998

  • Elton Hall
    Academic Senate President, Moorpark College
Viewing the Academic Senate Mission with Appreciative Inquiry

May 2005

  • Lynn Welch
    Standards and Practices Committee
Vigilance and Self-Defense: The Local Senate's Response to Crisis

October 2002

  • Kate Clark
    Vice President
Vocational Education Leadership Now!

December 2007

  • Paul Starer
    Chair, Occupational Education Committee
Vocational Faculty-What's Happening?

October 2002

  • Shaaron Vogel
    Chair, Occupational Education Committee
Votes of No-Confidence: An Academic Senate Perspective

October 2019

  • John Stanskas
    ASCCC President
Waiting for Standardization

February 2006

  • Greg Gilbert
War, Health Care, and Drug Policies: Are These Issues That Academic Senates Should Weigh In On?

February 2006

  • Leon Marzillier
We Can, We Should-It's Right, It's Our Job

April 2006

  • Ian Walton
We Must Be as ONE

May 2006

  • Greg Gilbert
Web Advising in the Community Colleges

May 2005

  • Gail Conrad
    Counseling and Library Faculty Issues Committee
Western Governors' University: A Crisis for Accreditation

October 1998

  • Mark Snowhite
    Area D
What Can We Say about the Impact of Compressed Calendars and Courses on Student Success?

February 2007

  • Susan Bangasser
    Relations with Local Senates Committee
What do I need to Know to Teach an Online Class?

March 2007

  • Michelle Pilati
    Rio Hondo College
What Do Students Think About Prerequisites? Give a Listen to Their Views!

May 2009

  • Janet Fulks
    Curriculum Committee Chair
What Does Proficiency Look Like on the ACCJC Rubric?

September 2009

  • Lesley Kawaguchi
    Chair, Accreditation and SLO Committee
What Happened in the CSU with American Institutions?

November 2011

  • Jim Postma
    Chair, CSU Academic Senate
What Happened to the 2019 ASCCC Accreditation Institute?

February 2019

  • Dolores Davison
    ASCCC Vice President
  • Sam Foster
    ASCCC Area D Representative and Accreditation Committee Chair