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Latest Rostrum Articles

Titlesort descending Published Author
Do Career Technical Faculty Stand Alone?

November 2009

  • Dianna Chiabotti
    Chair, Occupational Educational Committee
Do I Matter?

July 2020

  • Elizabeth Craigg-Walker
    Part-time Instructor, Area C
Do They Really Care About US: The Civil Right Act 1964, Diversity, and Equity

July 2020

  • Nyree Berry
    Faculty, African American Outreach Initiative Lead Liaison, Los Angeles Community College District
Do You Know Who Will Take Your Place

March 2005

  • Julie Adams
    Executive Director
Dual Enrollment and Basic Skills: A New Pathway for Students

May 2016

  • Dolores Davison
    Educational Policies Chair
Dual Enrollment: What Local Senates Need to Know

February 2016

  • Dolores Davison
    Educational Policies Committee Chair
  • Wheeler North
    ASCCC Treasurer
Editorial: California Community Colleges – and Inequity?

April 2018

  • Jeff Burdick
    Clovis Community College
Education Changes Things

July 2019

  • Janet Fulks
    Bakersfield College
Educational Opportunities

February 2008

  • Phillip Maynard
    Chair, Equity and Diversity Action Committee
Educational Policies Committee

October 2003

  • Ian Walton
Educational Profit and the Common Good?

March 2011

  • Larry Buckley
    Vice-President of Instruction, San Bernardino Valley College
  • Richard Mahon
    Riverside College, Executive Committee
Effective and Efficient Local Curriculum Approval Processes

October 2016

  • Dolores Davison
    ASCCC Secretary and Curriculum Chair
  • John Freitas
    ASCCC Treasurer and Past Curriculum Chair
Effective Participation in Governance: Policies and Practices

October 2017

  • Julie Bruno
    President, ASCCC
Effective Practices for Student Engagement in the Online Environment

September 2016

  • Conan McKay
    ASCCC Online Education Committee Chair
  • Lorraine Slattery-Farrell
    ASCCC At Large Representative, Online Education Committee Member
Effective Practices: Part-Time Faculty and Local Academic Senates

April 2012

  • Lesley Kawaguchi
    Educational Policies Committee Chair
Effective Student-Centered Online Education Using the CVC-OEI Online Course Design Rubric and Local POCR

April 2021

  • ASCCC 2020-2021 Online Education Committee & California Virtual Campus
Efforts to Improve Basic Skills Instruction in Community Colleges Show Promise

February 2002

  • Mark Snowhite
Elevate the CTE Faculty Voice

February 2021

  • Christy Coobatis
    ASCCC CTE Leadership Committee Member
  • Mayra Cruz
    ASCCC Treasurer, Chair, ASCCC CTE Leadership Committee
  • Julie Oliver
    ASCCC Area A Representative, ASCCC CTE Leadership Committee
  • Lynn Shaw
    C-ID CTE Curriculum Director
Embracing and Implementing New K-12 Standards in English, Mathematics and Science

April 2013

  • Carolyn Holcroft
    Biology, Foothill College
  • Beth Smith
    ASCCC Vice President
Embracing and Implementing New K-12 Standards in English, Mathematics and Science

June 2013

  • Beth Smith
    ASCCC Vice President
  • Carolyn Holcroft
    Foothill College
Eminence-Do I Know It When I See It?

May 2008

  • Dan Crump
    Chair, Standards and Practices Committee
Engineering 101: What Faculty Need to Know About Advising Engineering Students

May 2008

  • Char Perlas
    Mission College, MESA Director/Counselor, Counseling and Library Faculty Issues Committee
Enrollment Management in Very Challenging Times: What the LAO Says and What Faculty Should Do

March 2011

  • Jane Patton
Ensure Learning Through the Social Construction of Learning

November 2020

  • Nick Strobel
    Bakersfield College
Ensuring Effective Communication in Distance Education

September 2004

  • Pat James Hanz
  • Michelle Pilati