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Latest Rostrum Articles

Titlesort descending Published Author
Ensuring the Quality of Your Online Courses: Considerations for Local Policy and Practices

March 2016

  • Dolores Davison
    Chair, ASCCC Online Education Committee
  • Michelle Pilati
    Interim Chief Professional Development Officer, Online Education Initiative
Ensuring the Recognition of Outstanding Work

May 2015

  • Craig Rutan
    Standards and Practices Committee Chair
Equalization or Will We Ever Be There?

September 2004

  • Ian Walton
    Vice President
Equitizing Merit and Fit: Establishing a Baseline Understanding

February 2020

  • Luke Lara
    MiraCosta College
Equity and Diversity in California Community Colleges

March 2005

  • Wanda Morris
  • Phillip Maynard
Equity and Diversity. Implementation and the Role of Local Senates

October 2003

  • Wanda Morris
Equity Metrics - Developing Inclusive Strategies in a Diverse World

May 2006

  • Phillip Maynard
Equivalency to the Minimum Qualifications

October 2016

  • John Freitas
    ASCCC Standards and Practices Committee Chair
  • John Stanskas
    ASCCC Vice President
Equivalency Training

December 2003

  • Jane Patton
Eradicating Xenophobia in Community College

February 2021

  • Hossna Sadat Ahadi
    Palomar College
Establishing a Systemwide California Community College General Education Advanced Placement (CCC GE AP) List

March 2009

  • Dave DeGroot
    Articulation Officer, Allan Hancock College
Establishing CTE, Legislative, and Noncredit Liaison Positions

February 2016

  • Julie Bruno
    Vice President
Ethnic Studies Requirement: Understanding It and Fulfilling It.

January 2010

  • David Morse
    Executive Committee, Curriculum Committee
  • Pamela Watkins
    Curriculum Committee
Ethnic Studies: Looking Back; Looking Forward

February 2021

  • Randy Beach
    Southwestern College, ASCCC Curriculum Committee
  • Michelle Bean
    ASCCC At-Large Representative
  • Manuel Vélez
    ASCCC South Representative
Evolving a Plan of Action: Some Basics

December 2003

  • Peter Haslund
Excellence in Education

April 1999

Exemplary Awards to Outstanding Programs

October 1999

  • Mark Snowhite
Explaining the ASCCC Position on "Transfer Degrees"

March 2009

  • Jane Patton
    Vice President
  • Michelle Pilati
Explicit Bias

July 2020

  • Jessica Ayo Alabi
    Orange Coast College and ASCCC Guided Pathways and Equity and Diversity Action Committee
Facilitating Difficult Budget Discussions

April 2012

Facilitating the Success of ALL Students

September 2010

  • Stephanie Dumont
    Chair, Equity and Diversity Action Committee
  • Beth Smith
    Chair, Curriculum Committee
Faculty Are Progressive! (Despite What You May Hear)

December 2010

  • Jane Patton
Faculty as the GPS for Students

December 2010

  • Beth Smith
Faculty Development

December 2003

  • Beverly Shue
    Faculty Development Committee Chair
Faculty Development Breakouts

February 1999

  • Winston Butler