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February 25, 2022

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Latest Rostrum Articles

First Ever Teaching Institute
Fishing in the Academic Senate's McElligot Pool
Fixing" the California Community College System
Flexibility, Compromise, and Leadership in Decision—Making: AB705 Regulatory Process as a Case Study
Focus on Equity and Diversity (Interviews with Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award winner, Nicholas Arnold, and Regina Stanback-Stroud)
Focus on Transfer: ADTs, UCTP Degrees, and Community College Bachelor’s Degree Programs
Forging Alliances-Inside and Outside the College
Four Policy Issues: Fees, Textbooks, Degrees, and Corporatization
French Fries, Funding, and Student Success: Occasions for Unity
From the Ashes of CAN Rises C-ID
From the Executive Director
From the President’s Desk: Governance in the New Normal
Full time Faculty, Yet Again—Building the Noncredit Case
Future Directions for the Associate Degree
Getting to the Truth of It All: The Role and Impact of Critical Race Theory on Community Colleges
Gitcho' Mind Right: Why Confronting Unconscious Bias Must Become an Actionable Item
Good Questions Deserve Good - Answers: Screening to Increase Diversity
Got Associate Degree Equivalency Guidelines?
Government, Disciplines, and Accreditation
Grades are Valuable
Graduation Requirements in English and Mathematics with Apologies to Andrew Marvell
Great Teachers Seminar
Green Jobs to fit that Sustainability Curriculum
Guaranteed Admission to the UC
Guided Pathways and AB 705: What’s Noncredit Got to Do, Got To Do with It?