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January 3, 2022 and February 25, 2022

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Latest Rostrum Articles

Two Roads for Adjunct Faculty
Underage Students
Understanding and Improving Student Access and Success
Understanding and Navigating the Equivalency Process: A CTE Faculty Perspective
Understanding Interdisciplinary Studies
United we Succeed: Responding to Criticisms of the California Community Colleges
Unraveling the Mystery of Statewide Appointments
Untangling the Knots —Minimum Qualifications, Faculty Service Areas, Placing Courses within Disciplines and Other Fun Stuff
Update on Implementing New Mathematics and English Requirements
Update on Statewide Career Pathways Project
Updates on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Efforts
Updating The Faculty Role in Planning and Budgeting Paper?
Updating “Part-Time Faculty: A Principled Perspective”
Valuing Diversity
Vendors’ Resources at Senate Events
Ventura District Reviews Committee Structures, Develops Shared Governance Agreements
Viewing the Academic Senate Mission with Appreciative Inquiry
Vigilance and Self-Defense: The Local Senate's Response to Crisis
Vocational Education Leadership Now!
Vocational Faculty-What's Happening?
Votes of No-Confidence: An Academic Senate Perspective
Waiting for Standardization
War, Health Care, and Drug Policies: Are These Issues That Academic Senates Should Weigh In On?
We Can, We Should-It's Right, It's Our Job
We Must Be as ONE