75/25: Progress without Legislation

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Professional Standards
Status Report

A Consultation Task Force on 75/25 is in the process of using MIS date to determine district FT/PT numbers.

Whereas the current Governor and legislative environment make passage of new legislation providing for progress toward the 75/25 full-time/part time ratio extremely unlikely, and

Whereas the current system mechanisms for administering the 75/25 provisions in the law follow neither the letter nor the intent of the law, and

Whereas a complete expos of the lack of progress towards 75/25 since 1988 and the role of the system mechanism in that lack of progress may result in changes in the mechanism,

Resolved that the Academic Senate insist that the Chancellor initiate a complete investigation of the history of implementing the 75/25 provisions of AB 1725 including all pertinent information requested by the Academic Senate, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate insist that the Chancellor cause changes in the implementing mechanisms of the system to bring the system incompliance with both the letter and spirit of the law, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to make a progress report on this effort at a future plenary session.