9th Authorized Use

Resolution Number
Mike McHargue
Assigned to
Faculty Development

Whereas Title 5 (AB 1725) states the following: "The authorized uses of funds allocated under this article shall include all of the following:
(a) Improvement of teaching.
(b) Maintenance of current academic and technical knowledge and skills.
(c) In-service training for vocational education and employment preparation programs.
(d) Retraining to meet changing institutional needs.
(e) Intersegmental exchange programs
(f) Development of innovations in instructional and administrative techniques and program effectiveness.
(g) Computer and technological proficiency programs.
(h) Courses and training implementing affirmative action and upward mobility programs.
(i) Other activities determined to be related to educational and professional development pursuant to criteria established by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges including, but not necessarily limited to, programs designed to develop self-esteem", and

Whereas most college staff development programs have generally accepted the wording of item (i) as having been interpreted as including "programs designed to develop self-esteem", and

Whereas the words "including but not necessarily limited to programs designed to develop self esteem" have been used as rationale to provide staff development programs in the areas of self esteem, and

Whereas the organization 4C/SD (California Community College Council for Staff Development) feels that self-esteem programs including wellness are significant, appropriate, and valuable parts of full and rich staff development and Flex Calendar programs,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend that the Board of Governors approve self-esteem and wellness programs as authorized uses of staff development funds.
M/S/U Disposition: 4C/SD, Board of Governors, Chancellor's Office, Executive Committee, Local Senates, Staff Development Officers