Abbreviated Format Classes

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Whereas, There is a trend to offer courses in an abbreviated format using a variety of delivery methods;

Whereas, Title 5 Regulations have established the primacy of faculty in making decisions regarding curriculum; and

Whereas, Maintaining the integrity of courses is vested in local curriculum committees;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate reaffirm the role of faculty, through its curriculum committees, in developing and modifying all courses;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate urge local curriculum committees to exercise their Title 5-mandated responsibilities and to be especially diligent when making decisions regarding format, method of delivery, and related matters (e.g., compressed formats and distance education); and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate provide a breakout at each plenary session that addresses specific curriculum issues, best practices, and curriculum committee roles and responsibilities.

Status Report: 

The Basic Skills Committee defers to the Curriculum Committee on this resolution. The Curriculum Committee sponsored twocolloquia, in both halves of the state, conducted research, hosted Plenarybreakouts and drafted a white paper on the topic.