Academic Senate Annual Report on Accomplishments and Operations

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Operational Oversight Task Force
Academic Senate

Whereas, In keeping with its principles and commitment to excellence, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges regularly reviews its organizational effectiveness by conducting evaluations after every event, commissioning external audits to assess its policies including internal controls and financial viability, reviewing and revising processes for tracking and completing resolutions, reviewing the executive director’s performance every other year, and periodically evaluating and reconsidering its committee structure, diversity statements, and other key policies;

Whereas, In spite of a 32% cut in 2008 to its funding and reduced revenues, the Academic Senate continues to demonstrate its operational effectiveness through audits and budget performance reports, low registration fees, efficient events, increased services, and highly visible leadership and influence in key conversations such as the Student Success Task Force, SB 1440, CTE Critical Conversations, Board of Governors, Consultation Council, and other Chancellor’s Office advisory committees, task forces, and work groups as well as testifying before the Legislature;

Whereas, Although the Academic Senate Executive Committee implements its review and evaluation processes and takes seriously its fiscal and legal responsibility in oversight of the organization, internal and external stakeholders may not be familiar with its practices or even its key success in these areas; and

Whereas, Most nonprofit organizations develop an annual report to share their accomplishments, organizational changes, and results of review processes with their stakeholders, and such a report by the Academic Senate would be beneficial in conveying this information to faculty statewide and other constituencies inside and outside the California Community College System;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges communicate all recommendations and commendations from committees and task forces that review the organization’s processes for assessing the operations, processes, policies, and programs and any planned changes based on those recommendations through a breakout session, a Rostrum article, or other appropriate means no later than Spring 2014; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, similar to other nonprofit organizations, develop an annual report to publicize its self-review results and ongoing accomplishments on behalf of the faculty statewide, with the first publication of this report to be completed by Fall 2014.