Accreditation and Support for Local Senates

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Accreditation Committee
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The role of faculty in program review, assessment, integrated planning, and accreditation is discussed at the annual Accreditation Institute and is part of the charge of the Accreditation Committee. The ASCCC has been continously advocating for increasing the number of full-time faculty and has been involved in discussions about modifications to the 50% Law and the FON.

Whereas, Title 5 53200 provides that the Academic Senate means an organization whose primary function is to make recommendations with respect to academic and professional matters including accreditation, which is item seven within the ten-plus-one areas requiring collegial consultation;

Whereas, Accreditation is an unfunded mandate that negatively impacts the busy work schedules of faculty who are already responsible for academic and professional matters, instruction, and programs; and

Whereas, Faculty who are employed by colleges that do not adhere to the 50% Law, regardless of how inadequately the 50% Law is linked to professional development funding and the inclusion of other groups that directly support instructional quality, and to 75:25 obligations are nonetheless required to meet the same state mandates as faculty in districts that properly fund instruction;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge those governing boards and administrators of colleges where substandard levels on the 50% and/or the 75:25 obligation exist to take action to achieve compliance with such standards and thereby eliminate barriers to educational quality and to the ongoing accreditation work, program review, curriculum, and other duties mandated of local senates and faculty. MSC Disposition: System Office, Consultation Council, Local Senates