Accreditation Teams and Trainers

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The "Process to Nominate Faculty Members for Accreditation Visiting Teams" is complete and has been put into effect. The training program for first-time team members is nearly complete. The Committee has completed a guide to help developers of self study reports complete their task. The ACCJC has it's own "Guide to Writing the Self Study" that it believes to be sufficient for its purposes.

Whereas Resolution 2.01 S95 asked the Executive Committee to enter into dialogue with the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges for the purpose of developing a process by which the Academic Senate can help prepare faculty members to participate on accreditation visiting teams and develop a pool of promising faculty members for such training, and

Whereas Resolution 2.01 F94 directed the Senate to negotiate an agreement with the Accrediting Commission to accept faculty recommended by the Academic Senate who have been trained by the Academic Senate and who have been recommended by local academic senates, and

Whereas Resolution 2.01 S96 adopted the paper "Faculty Role in Accreditation" as amended and recommended the paper to local academic senates for their consideration, and

Whereas Resolution 2.01 S92 approved the recommendations in the paper entitled "Strengthening the Accreditation Process" (April 5, 1992) as amended and directed the Executive Committee to work with the Accrediting Commission to implement the recommendations to the greatest extent possible,

Resolved that the Academic Senate adopt the procedures in the proposals "Process to Nominate Faculty Members for Accreditation Visiting Teams" and "Supplemental Training for First-time Faculty Team Members, Conducted by the Academic Senate."