Add a Kinesiology Taxonomy of Programs (TOP) Code to the Curriculum Inventory

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The Chancellor's Office introduced a new TOP code for Kinesiology in June 2012.  The memorandum on this subject can be found here.  


Whereas, The document “Recommendations Regarding Repeatability” has set an eight-course limit on the number of physical education courses students may take;

Whereas, The Chancellor’s Office for California Community Colleges intends to identify these courses by the physical education Taxonomy of Programs (TOP) code 0835.00; and

Whereas, Lecture courses in the Kinesiology AS-T degrees and lecture courses in fitness related certificate programs are coded with the same TOP code as physical education “activity” courses and therefore will be counted in the eight-course limit for physical education, preventing students from taking advantage of multiple degree and certificate programs offered;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with the System Advisory Committee on Curriculum of the Chancellor’s Office to develop a TOP code for Kinesiology to identify lecture courses in degree and certificate programs in the discipline of Kinesiology that will not be counted against the proposed physical education eight-course limit.


See Appendix C: Recommendations Regarding Repeatability